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Jun 28, 2006 06:31 AM

ancestral Northumberland trip

Cousin and I would like to travel to Northumberland next year to see the old family stomping grounds (near Littleharle)and stay in a local village if possible.

Looking for any chow available in the environs. Near Morcambe.
Family name Goodwin.

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  1. I was able to locate Littleharle but could not find Morcambe?

    Did you mean "Morecambe"? If so, it is quite a distance away being northwest from the City of Lancashire on the Irish Sea coast.

    1. oops! late night posting problem...Morpeth...(Great Grandpa moved the family to Caton, Lancs, near Morecambe, late 1800's). GGGGpa was a landscape gardener at Little Harle, and the family lived in Cambo. So any where in the greater Morpeth area where decent chow may be found. Looking for cafes and pubs, tea shops, dairies, farms and other spots to find chow-related activites.
      We have no family contacts there, hoping to make some. We have almost a year to research, but want to get started!

      We will likely spend more time to the west of Morpeth, as that's the old stomping grounds. I suppose. Fairly remote area, tiny villages. Don't really know what to expect, so was hoping for some guidance from those living or visiting these high lonesome hills.

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        Since your looking to stay in a local village and your preferred area is between Kirkwhelpington (1 mile from Littleharle) on the A696 and Morpeth, one of many useful online guides for Littleharle Tower is:

        On the left side click on:

        1) Stay in the area.
        2) Pubs in the area.
        3) Food in the area.

        These lists are not exhaustive but will give an idea on some of what's nearby.

        Have you decided on a Country House Hotel, Farm House/Cottage, B&B, or Country Inn yet?

        There is also:

        I would agree that The Good Pub Guide is a good idea. If you find the "Right" place to stay, the people there should be able to direct you where's best to dine locally, but it is always wise to have a good resource guide with you anyway.

        1. re: JBC

          In between Morpeth and Littleharle is the small town of Middleton with a well regarded Pub called the "Ox Inn"; it looks like it would be a good idea to write them (calling is expensive, but better) and see if they have any accomadations or can recommend any place to stay nearby:

          Also, there is the "Cornhills Farmhouse" about a mile from Littleharle:

      2. While Morpeth is a bit further North than we usually roam (we are mostly in Weardale), if you get South a bit I would recommend the Manor House Inn at Carterway Heads, near the Derwent Reservoir.

        North of where you are, there is a great pub in Seahouses called the Old Ship, which is good.

        You may want to get yourself a copy of the Good Pub Guide, or at least research the Northumbria section online.