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Jun 28, 2006 06:19 AM



anyone know of a Portuguese doughnut (aka: malazadas) and where to sample one?

a friend mentioned that she had one in Hawaii and was wondering if it can be found locally in the mainland.

thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi. You posted on the first day on the new software so you probaly didn't get a lot of response due to that. Also, it doesn't matter that much, but if you click on the title you can change it to Malasadas which might get slighly more response.

    Anyway, here's my list of where to try them. Hopefully there's some new place out there that I've missed.

    If you try one, hope you'll report back and update us. Some of the places might have got better or worse. Also it might matter about the time of day you visit. My visit to Portuguese Bakery was late in the day so they were not as good as earlier in the day fresher from the fryier. It's a donut after all. They don't age well.

    Probably the best and freshes will be at that Upcoming Hawaaian festival if they have it again this year.

    1. Try the sugar coated fried Puffs on the dessert menu at Koi Palace. Kinda like the Sonhos that I remember from childhood.

      1. I got responses a while back on Malasadas and no one has said they come close to ones in hawaii. RW and others have listed many. Here is another post.
        Rw's post is the most current though. I tried Hiser in Hayward and it was bleh!!! I also went to the Aloha festival last year and got some from one of the two stands selling and of course I picked the wrong one! Go to the The Academy of Hawaiian Arts stand. Looked better and ppl said it tasted good.

        If you're in Hawaii, go to Leonard's for malasadas. Get hot fresh ones, they're worth it.

        The sugar coated puffs at Koi Palace can't compare to the malasadas in Hawaii imo. Just my 2 cents.