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Jun 28, 2006 05:03 AM

Corn Rye Bread Nominations?

As Kathy "Kuisine" points out in the Pastrami and Reuben thread

the options for good pastrami to nosh on at home are looking up. What we need now is some good rye bread.

What are your favorites?

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  1. Acme--only at the bakery and maybe only one day a week.

    Bennett Valley makes great rye bread. Not sure if they do a corn rye.

    Same goes for Pure Grain German Bakery in Vacaville. That's where Speisekammer gets their bread.

    1. Last Saturday I got a very good rye bread (not corn rye, German country bread) from the vendor who also sells giant pretzels at the Serramonte Farmers Market.

      I used to recommend House of Bagels corn rye, but the last time I was there (Geary St. a couple of weeks ago) the quality of both the bagels and breads was not as good as it used to be.

      Max's bakery used to make a very good marble rye that was available at Mollie Stones in San Bruno -- I don't know whether they still sell that bread.

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      1. re: Nancy Berry

        That was probably Esthers or Sterntaler Bakery that sells bread and pretzels at Urban Harvest on Mission. However, I don't think I've tried the rye from either though.

        I agree about Max's marble rye.

        I'm not so much one for corn rye with pastrami. In addition to a nice marble rye I like a traditional rye. Currently my heart belongs to The Bread Garden. It make me soooo happy.

        Palo Alto Baking company makes a good rye if you are in that neck of the woods on California. It was my favorite and the first decent rye I had in California.

        Corn rye and pastrami makes my mouth hurt just thinking about it. To me Acme's is all wrong for pastrami ... too ... artisan. As is Arizmundis. Neither has ever done it for my rye cravings.

      2. Metropolis Baking Company on Heinz St. in Berkeley makes a New York style rye in 2 sizes. It's been a long time since I've been in N.Y. but Metropolis rye comes close to my memories of the bread I used to buy from delis under the 13th Ave El in Borough Park/New Utrecht -- cut from a huge lacquered-looking loaf with a paper union sticker and sold by weight.

        The corn in corn rye isn't really a major ingredient. It refers to the dusting of cornmeal on the bottom of the loaf to keep it from sticking to the peel.

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        1. re: Miss Otis

          As I know it, "corn rye," in addition to being dusted with cornmeal, has a higher percentage of wheat, so the crumb is lighter and lighter-colored and the crust is crunchier. And it always has caraway seeds.

          Those huge loaves are another kind.

        2. Max's - you can usually buy a full loaf at the take out counter -- the Molly Stone's in Greenbrae also sells it so probably other's do too -- they also sell the rye baguette so you get lots of the extra crunchy crust

          1. I was at House of Bagels today and noticed that they have corn rye. I haven't tried it though. Their breads look kind of squishy to me, but when I pressed on a loaf, it was firmer than I thought it would be. I haven't tried the sandwiches there yet - not hungry enough today.