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Jun 28, 2006 04:57 AM


When I lived in New York (Brooklyn Heights, to be exact), I used to buy Taramosalata on a regular basis from a deli on Atlantic Avenue. Maybe I am just looking in the wrong places, but could someone on the Board tell me where I might find it in the SF Bay Area?

Prefer the East Bay, but that is not a requirement.


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  1. Obviously I can't help you find it, but I'd like to know what Taramosalata is. I've never heard of it.

    1. You're not eating enough Greek food, Mick. (g)

      Krinos in glass jars is widely available. Can't help with finding anything freshly prepared.

      1. Andronicos carries it and I've seen it at the Rockridge Market Place, as well as in some Safeways. It is quite common, generally found in regrigerated cases with kim chee and other ethnic thingies.

        1. So, Kokkari (jackson at front) in San Francisco always has taramosalata on their menu...either on it's own or as a pikilia plate with other spreads, dolmas, and olives.

          Also, Insalata's, in San Anselmo usually has it on their menu and I am very sure that they have it at their take away counter, too.

          Mick, Taramosalata is a Greek spread made from fish roe (I think it's cod), cooked onions, breadcrumbs, and olive oil. There maybe a few other ingredients, but it is a fairly smooth, mellow spread which I used to really dislike, but have grown to appreciate

          1. Tarama is salted carp rose. Taramosalata can have a bread or potato base (like skordalia) but often it's mayonnaise (like aioli).

            Kokkari's version is really good.

            Krinos is also good. Lowest price I've found is at Indus Foods in Berkeley. Cheaper still to buy the tarama and make your own taramosalata.

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Where can I buy tarama?

              Also, last month in Japan I was told that the best-selling filled baguette in Japan is currently one filled with pickled cod roe! The Japanese were also interested that tarama is Greek for cod eggs, as the word for cod in Japanese is tara. Any connection?

              1. re: BerkeleyBaker

                If I recall correctly, Indus Foods has both tarama and taramasalata. Jars in the refrigerator case.