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Jun 28, 2006 04:50 AM

Not Memorable?

I've tried three times so far to convince the site to remember me, by checking the "remember me" box upon logging in, but it doesn't want to.

Also, if it ever works, would this function be limited to only one computer, or could I have it remember me, say, on my home laptop and on my desktop at work?

I tried searching Remember Me in advanced search (looking only in the last week) but I guess I haven't gotten the search function down too well yet, as I got some hits but mostly from MElanie Wong.

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  1. The remember me function may depend to some extent on your browser. This is a cookies site, so you have to have cookies enabled, and if you frequently flush out cookies from your browser that may have some effect. There is also a setting on Internet Explorer that I always have a hard time finding, but it controls whether or not your browser will store passwords.

    Also, if you log on from different computers, that will effect this.

    1. Thanks Wayne. I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows XP. Cookies are enabled and work with other sites, and I hardly ever clean them out. I do have pop-ups blocked but that shouldn't be the issue, should it? I'm prepared to only have it remember me on one computer but both would be nice. I went to tools-internet options-privacy and to tools-internet options-security, but I couldn't figure out if I should change any settings. I'm not really expert in this area.

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      1. re: Debbie W

        I don't have much more to add, maybe someone else can chime in.

        I do believe, though, as I experience this with other password controlled web sites, that when I log on to the site from one computer, if I had already logged on from another computer, then the web site will recognize that I am coming in from a different IP address, and therefore will log me out of one of the sessions, the logic being that I can't be in two places at once. The reality is that I may be logged on from the desk top machine in my home office, and also logged on from the laptop, about six feet away, thus I have solved the physics problem of being in two places at once. ;-)

      2. I think it's that this board's definition of "remember me" is simply to put the id into the box for you, not to log you in automatically. I would prefer the latter, that remember me means log me in automatically (and it's OK that that is only on this computer :)

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        1. re: leek

          The remember me function should set a cookie that allows you to remain logged into the site long term - assuming you don't have your browser set to delete cookies at the end of a session.

          However, as part of the transition we have had to expire everyone's cookies a couple of times in the last few days to solve larger technical issues. It may be that remember me is working as you'd expect, but that you've been running into those times when we've forced a log out.