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Jun 28, 2006 04:49 AM

Irvine/Costa Mesa/Tustin - Saturday lunch, most likely Italian

In a few weeks on Saturday, I need to plan a lunch with about 10-15 people (including a toddler and a baby). The popular choice would be a place with Italian cuisine or something of that "genre".

Any recommendations? Obviously, we need a place that won't get too upset over minor disturbances (which would be handled by trips outside, most likely :) ). We probably want to do something a little fancier than a Macaroni Grille.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Roma d Italia might be your best bet in the Tustin area, if they are open for lunch; pure family style and non-chain.

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    1. The recently opened Italian restarant called Onotria in Costa Mesa on Bristol (at Bear) would be a good choice. They have a seperate room that will hold your party at one big table.

      The food is terrific and it is pretty casual.

      1. Onotria sounds good, but like most of the options in the area, they are closed Saturday for lunch.

        Roma di Italia sounds like a great place to eat, but the it seems a bit less elegant than my better half and better half's mother would like. Elegant - babies - Saturday lunch - maybe too constrained of a problem.

        It would seem that French 75 might be a decent fit.

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          Ah, now there you have it. Elegant Saturday lunch? AND mixing in Italian? Go French, while your pocket book will hurt, the food is good and the atmosphere elegant.

        2. What about Vessia? Its elegant yet not so much that bringing a toddler would be a problem. I havent ate there in some time but I remember the food being good enough. Here is the link to the menu

          1. I second Vessia - I have always been happy with the food, the service and the atmosphere there.

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              Vessia was our first choice. It, like most places, is closed for lunch Saturday.

              We have since rethought our efforts and will be going a catered at home route, but thanks to everybody for the suggestions.