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Jun 28, 2006 04:09 AM

Swanton Farm (Davenport??)

Went to the farm about a week ago and had a blast. "Aggresively" picked 3 boxes of strawberries with friends and ate about a basket full as I picked. Since theyre organic the small ones are all your gonna get. theyre about half the size of the strawberries seen at safeway unless u have a keen sight for large strawberries. I picked the ripest ones and I'd say in the fridge, they kept for about a week or I can say thats how long they lasted until they were devoured.

As someone commented the gelato(which seemed more like just plain ice cream) was delicious and seemed to be on high demand as I only saw a bit there. but at 4.75 its kinda expensive for about a pint. other homemade goodies there are jams, pies/cobblers, biscottis, ect. they also had some green beans when I was there.
Of course if you're too lazy to be hunched over for an hour or two picking strawberries you can buy frozen ones or pre picked ones.

FYI (Tom S. = Tomes)

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  1. Thanks for the update. I want to go now that I live almost nearby. Do you remember what the prices were? (I'm assuming U-pick price is different from the pre-picked ones?) Also, how did the strawberries taste compared to farmers market berries?

    1. 1.50 per pound for the ones you pick, I assume the prepicked ones are slightly more expensive because of the labor involved. But if you have the time I urge you to go pick your own, your quality filter is most likely better than the pickers'.

      I can only recall that the strawberries I ate while I was picking were the most delicious ones, far sweeter than strawberries I've eaten in a long time. The sweetest strawberries I've ever had were Driscoll strawberries. Unfortunately, the ripe organic strawberries I picked seemed to exponentially lose their sweetness as they sat in my fridge.

      I forgot to mention they have an honor till. where you just walk in do your thing and leave the money in a collection box.

      And i also forgot to mention that if you do your own picking I highly recommend to come with some sanitary wipes to clean your hands afterwards. And if you pick aggressively as I did, I recommend that your attire is suited for dirty manual labor.


      1. Hi Tom S! Glad to see you made the transition over to the new board. Now where is Nathan and the others? Look forward to more of your posts.

        Here's a link to my Swanton post from last year:

        The old photo link doesn't seem to be working, so try this one:

        Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself and that the berries are getting good. I think they will be even better in July, assuming we don't get any heavy rain. I took my parents to Swanton about a month ago when they were visiting, but the berries weren't worth picking at that time. Too many small, unripe ones. The pre-picked half flats looked pretty good though, so I got one for $14/half flat. They may be a little cheaper now. The berries were pretty good, but still on the tart and watery side. I love the aroma and distinct flavor of their berries though.

        Yes, the strawberries taste that much better fresh-plucked from the field. The warmth from the sun really enhances them. I haven't tried it yet, but you should consider storing in glass jars per rworange's tip since they keep longer this way.