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Gigantic Font, too much header, lost content, too cutesie.

Could the designers have possibly made the topic thread font larger? Jeeze. We posters/readers aren't in a rest home or in bifocals. There is a way to bump-up the font if you need too via the browser. Please, please make the font closer 12 point, not a huge html head font for topics.

I want board content front and center, thats why I use this board. The white space, logo, search, nav, topic header and gigantic topic ad are too deep, I just want to see the topics ASAP.

1-20 topics on the main page of a locale board? Come on. There is less than a quarter of content showing than in the earlier board design -which we all grew to love as a content rich, simple board.

Tell me again why chowhound needs a cutesie personality? Or content about areas that I am not interested in showing up when I want to research a single locale/topic? Those images/content ads on the right cut into the content I care about. The super heavy graphic site, like whats in production now, should be an opt in for users, not the default. Can I have a plain view?

Anyone else disturbed by these distractions from the meat of the site?

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  1. Not disturbed even a little. I find next to nothing to miss about the archaic old site. I can get through this site and see all I want (and more than I ever looked for before) with no problem.

    'Content rich', as you put it, is not something I loved about the old site. I only looked at the boards I knew I'd be interested in whereas on here I'm much more likely to browse because of ease of use and a glimpse of what is happening on all the boards.

    Sorry, just can't agree on this.

    Size doesn't bother me either. Nor do the ads - someone's gotta pay the bills.

    It's all personal preference - not right or wrong, in this case.

    1. Hey, I wear bifocals. They have nothing to do with age. My first glasses were bifocals. And even OLD people like good food.

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      1. re: Janet

        Janet, like I said, if you need a bigger font, you can turn them up via the browser. There is no need to design web pages for a kindergartner or an octogenarian. I am not a young whipper snapper myself, so stop with the insulting suggestion of ageism. thanks.

        1. re: mmerino

          Howdy, Janet and mmerino -- please keep this discussion friendly. We all want a better site -- let's be constructive about it and not get personal. Thanks!

      2. I agree. The subject line IS way too big, and the list of 20 threads on the opening message board is way too small. The joy of visiting Chowhound is scrolling through 100 or more threads and opening only those that catch the eye.

        Chowhound is a treasure trove and an encyclopedia. More content. Less empty graphics, please.

        1. I agree with some of that. Reduce the subject font and give us a couple of hundred per page. I can live with the ads, but the small number of topics per page would be a site killer for me. Not crazy about having to wade through all the posts in a subject every time something new is posted. I prefer the old style of board presentation. Should have done things the way Audio Asylum www.audioasylum.com does it and given people options of style of presentation. Still, it could have been a lot worse. Thanks for the effort Chowhound.

          1. This font issue was one of the first complaints registered when the site relaunched last Friday.


            We hear your pain, and we will address it as priorities allow. We ask your patience while we develop the new site. We are still adding features and functions on the fly. Thanks for giving us your feedback on what matters.

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            1. re: The Chowhound Team

              The font issue is really the only BIG problem I have with the new design. The others are tolerable. Looking forward to the site fine-tuning. Thanks.

              1. re: The Chowhound Team

                Thanks, Chowhound Team!

                Please add my name to the list of my fellow 'hounds who say, "More board content; less cutesy graphics!".

                Also, could you crank down the font size on the "CHOWHOUND" page header a bit? And maybe consider a less severe font, as well. It's just so BOLD and heavy right now.

                Or maybe just a smaller font size would do it...

                Just consider playing around with it some more. Remember, this is a classy site. Not just any dumb food site; this is Chowhound!


                1. re: The Chowhound Team

                  I think this issue is much more important than just about any feature you could be adding. This should be your #1 priority. It's just changing a font size, for crying out loud. How hard can that be? If you really did hear our pain, wouldn't it be fixed by now?

                  I spend little time on Chowhound now due to the user-hostile design choices like this one. Working search doesn't compensate for not being able to quickly, easily, and pleasurably scope out what's new and interesting. Please fix ASAP!

                  1. re: mdg

                    I think the key was 'patience'?

                    You must remember you aren't the only opinion on this - many have no complaints about the size at all - and no matter what choice is made SOMEONE is going to be unhappy. So while you may feel entitled to demand changes....you're not. None of us are.

                    1. re: krissywats

                      > So while you may feel entitled to demand changes....you're not. None of us are. <

                      True. But given that a Chowhound without board participants is like a restaurant without food, let's hope whoever runs the site these days listens and reacts to the many questioning comments that are being made. While I'm sure they appreciate the cheerleading posts as well, the community will only prosper if it is welcoming and inclusive, and if TPTB alienate a large portion of it, then the community will not be healthy. Because, in reality, the community IS Chowhound, not those running the software.

                      1. re: Greg B

                        I agree with you mostly. I think the site IS chowhound the people and now CNET the company running chowhound - so like any good marriage we must treat it with mutual respect, not demands.

                        This is a mutually beneficial partnership. I DO love the new site AND have seen the point of those who don't. So let's go with the marriage analogy: respectfully, even passionately, state our points, paint a picture, state what makes us unhappy AND happy. Nagging, demanding, ultimatums have never been an effective form of communication in any relationship.

                        While chowhound would not exist without us - the CNET developers WOULD still have jobs without us AND if it weren't for someone coming in and making changes, chowhound would, eventually, have been shut down. We ALL should be thankful for one another and express our opinions in an open, honest way, as I see it.

                    2. re: mdg

                      While I agree that having some latitude in some aspects of the site would be nice, I'm not ready to call this "user-hostile" by any means. Perhaps to one user it is, but to another (as we've read) it's great.

                      And, let's face it, out of all the *actually* "user-hostile" sites out there, this pales in comparison! To me, the old site was more "user-hostile" than the new. Neither one perfect, of course

                  2. Agreed on the font. I hope they address it soon. I use a laptop and only see 6 or 7 posts at a time. Really takes away form the experience. Not as much fun as before.

                    1. Another complaint about the font. I can't look at Chowhound during the work day anymore, because people can see the darn thing from 50 feet away. I'm sneaking it in now at lunchtime. ;-)

                      Seriously, I'm not sure why it should be such a big issue to downsize the font--its just a tiny change in a style sheet (or it should be.) Please! Otherwise, love the new site!

                      1. To the font haters, could I ask you this? Is your objection to the largeness of the font, per se, the aesthetics or reability of the font? Or are you objecting to the fact that the font results in fewer items being listed in the index(es)?

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                        1. re: Dave Feldman

                          My objection is that it results in fewer subject lines in the index and more scrolling to cover the same number of subject lines than if the font were smaller. With 1/3(actually more than 1/3) of the page taken up by ad space now, it's important to me that as much information as possible be packed into the remaining 2/3.

                        2. I agree that the font size is way too large. I would love to have more topics fit on one page.

                          1. I was sincere in my question. The vitriolic reaction of some to the font size makes it seem to me (and possibly the Chowhound Engineering Team) that the issue was primarily aesthetic. I'm all for more topics per index page, too, and if the choice is between more topics or a bigger font, I'll take more topics -- but I have nothing against the big font, per se.

                            1. Count me in as one who doesn't care for the big font. Too much scrolling -- it will definitely cause my visits to be more work.

                              Neverthless, glad to hear that Chowhound is on solid footing and have always appreciated the work you guys have done over the years.

                              1. Find another site.

                                I too am getting used to the new look and interface but it is their site so just roll with it.

                                1. It's gone... Dang! I liked the large font! Oh well!

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                                  1. re: Katie Nell

                                    Yes, but you can make the font larger for the entire site by holding down the CNTL key and clicking down the scroll button on your mouse.

                                    1. re: LindaWhit

                                      Okay, but how do you change it back now, because I don't like this at all?! Help, help!

                                  2. Nevermind... I found it! Whew!

                                    1. Question: Some site ie(not picking on anyone) such as www.usairways the font is so large it's almost unreadable and boxes to enter info are actually missing. I'me using the "smallest" text size, tried adjusting pixels, adjusted properties from desktop but nothing is helping. I'm a new user so I figure it's me but appreciate any suggestions. Not all sites are effected (Ofc 03 XP) Thanks antonjm