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Jun 28, 2006 03:30 AM

report - bullfish grill; pigeon forge, tenn

last report. one our trek home we went through the tourist trap hell of gatlinburg and pigeon forge. looking for anything on the main drag that was not a chain, buffet, or pancake house (what's the deal w/ 10+ pancake houses on four miles of road?). we came up on a place called bullfish grill. it had a chain look to it from the outside - a cross between an italian and mexican outpost. the inside had a cool upscale feel, kind of like a j alexanders. full bar on one side w/ flat screens and a big non-smoking dining room on the other. turns out, this is a single location restaurant. our server said that they were hoping to open another place in knoxville soon.

the menu had 5 different steaks, ribs, a pork chop, six grilled fish selections, pastas, etc. we were there for a late lunch and i had a great fried green tomato sandwich, my wife had a huge crispy chicken salad, and the kids had a hot dog and a plate of real chicken tenderloins. our server was overly accommodating. and the bill was $32 (how could red (s)lobster with the in-laws could cost $90 for six people a week earlier is beyond me).

check out their site:

i hope the bullfish survives.

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