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Jun 28, 2006 03:29 AM

search for good wor bar

I just came back from NYC, and had one of the best wor bar! Now I am craving for wor bar all the time... Do you happen to know any place that does great wor bar?

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    1. re: chefboyardee

      Wor Bar.....14.95
      Sautéed beef, shrimp, chicken and scallops in a delicious black
      bean sauce. Stir-fried with broccoli, snow peas, onion, pepper.
      Served on a sizzling platter.

        1. re: coffee1004

          i don't remember, i just did a google search and pulled the most represenative description.

    2. Wor bar, in Mandarin guo ba, literally means "stuck to the wok" in Chinese. It is the rice krispy stuff that used to happen when stir-fried rice burned and stuck to a wok, though something that looks like a rice krispy cake can now be bought sometimes in supermarkets.

      The stuff is usually served up in a non-spicy brown sauce, and typicaly atop an iron plate. The hot sauce and tasty ingredients (usually at least shrimp, often "three flavors" or san xian of beef, shrimp and chicken) are poured over the guo ba and the iron plate, creating a wonderfully theatrical sizzling sound in the process.

      My favorite inconvenient place for guo ba is Clinton's Taste of China, a hole-in-the-wall Sichuan place on the Boston Post Road about 25 miles east of New Haven (and yes, I've made road trips out there just for Sichuan food -- up there with New Taste of Asia in my book, may the latter rest in peace). Short of that, I've had pretty good guo ba at Sichuan Garden <http://www.sichuangarden2.com/>.