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Jun 28, 2006 03:18 AM

Starwalk Buffet gone downhill?

We haven't been to Starwalk Buffet for a while, last Sunday's meal was a total disappointment. Except for the sushi and desserts, there was almost nothing I enjoyed. Tempura shrimp, General Tso's chicken, Sweet and Sour fish, Peking duck, jelly fish... they used to be OK but now everything's so overcooked and dried out and tasteless - I've never wasted so much food at a buffet before in my life! I'm hoping it's just an off day.

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  1. Did you go to the one near Pacific Mall, or the new one in Mississauga?

    1. Oh! didn't know there's a new one. This is the one near Pacific Mall. Maybe the better cooks went over to Mississauga??

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        OK now i've been to the Mississauga location on Dixie. While the food is not bad, there is nothing to wow us like the Star Walk of old. Also due to the area this location is in, there are more "Canadian Chinese" dishes like "chicken balls" than the Steeles one. And I didn't like the layout. The tables are arranged in straight rows, so I felt ithe person in the next table over was just next to me. In the Steeles location the tables are at an angle so this was not a problem. Anyways we will not be going back.

      2. Yeah, there's a new one in Mississauga, and they're doing major marketing work for the new one. I have no idea whether the chefs have migrated or not, but since they're doing so much marketing for the new Mississauga one, I figure they wouldnt skimp down and let it go downhill, or would they???

        1. Where is the one in Mississauga located?

          1. The new one in Mississauga is located at Rockwood Mall, on Dixie Road between Rathburn Road and Burnhamthrope Road. It's inside a big mall, so you won't miss it. It takes the space of the old China Buffet King.

            Personally I have never tried it. I heard from few friends that they did not like the food at the Scarborough location, so I'm not sure if this Mississauga one will be any better.