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Jun 28, 2006 03:09 AM

report - tupelo honey (asheville)

lots of good chowhound feedback on this quaint place in downtown asheville. we went and had a very good dinner. great ambiance. service was very strong. and the food was great.

we started with chips and a zesty pimento cheese dip. i had one of the specials - pecan crusted mahi w/ goat cheese grits (which blew me away) and black beans. my wife had nutty fried chicken w/ mashed sweet potato. fantastic.

the only drawback was the very limited kids menu - three things and two were were pb&j (one fried w/ banana). but they split a regular hamburger (a good looking one at that) and were just fine.

appetizer, two dinners, burger, four local beers, and two soft drinks - all for $30. what a value.

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  1. Wow, that sounds great! However, either there's a typo, you had a coupon/discount, or they made an error in your bill! According to their online menu, the appetizer, chicken entree, burger and soft drinks should have been $28.50 alone.

    But, even at $50 or $60, sounds worth every penny!


    1. typo. my bad. it was ~$60.