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report - fat buddies bbq; asheville

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our last bbq stop was at fat buddies in asheville (river ridge marketplace). there are two other stores: one in franklin and one in waynesville.

ambiance: the asheville store is a sit down place at the end of a strip mall. inside is decorated all nascar all the time with wheel rim lamps over each booth.

menu: pretty big menu from apps ($5-$9); 4 salads ($4-$8); black eye pea and brunswick stews ($5); pork/beef/turkey sandwiches ($5-$6 w/ fries); platters ($7-$8 w/ two of fries/slaw/beans/veg/applesauce); ribs ($10/$15/$19)

we ate: brisket sandwich & pork sandwich. the kids went with a hot dog and chicken tenders.

sauce: sweet, hot, firecracker (all tomato based), and tangy mustard

taste: my wife liked the brisket but i thought it was a little bland. the pork suprisingly good - melt in your mouth and smokey. the beans were a little too sweet and the slaw was average. all of the sauces were good but i liked the mustard sauce so much, i bought a pint to go.

cost: about $30

i give it a 7.0 out of 10. a very good place for a strip mall location and a pretty broad menu.

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