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Jun 28, 2006 02:54 AM

Di Fara's any desserts there?

does dif ara's have any desserts? and one last thing, besides the pizza, should i hit up a veal parm hero, are they great examples of the genre?

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  1. he has italian ice - i love the chocolate.

    1. Try a soda, Chinotto. Sort of Cola+Orange Juice + Bitters.

      I think the Meat Ball hero is the best. The Heros and Calzones could also be the best in the city, but if you do not like calzones, Difara will not convert you. He could probably use a better bread, but there is so much stuff on it it really does not matter. Remember to add some of the peppers from the jar on the counter.

      Walk to CIA and buy something for desert at Golan or The Orchard.

      1. Yes, there are usually zeppoles. But they are much better when they are fresh.