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Jun 28, 2006 02:47 AM

hidden tahoe spots

Hounders. Heading to Lake Tahoe over Fourth of July weekend (I know, I know), and am dying to find some hidden treasures. I have read all of the posts on Tahoe below, but just thought I'd throw another feeler out there, just in case. Will be staying a day in the north as well, so if there's anything up there. Thanks...

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  1. In Incline Village (North Shore) try Sunshine Pastry and Provisions for lunch, takeout dinners and great sweets. New sandwiches, wraps, salads every week, and the sweets are always wonderful! You can also pick up some Sunshine Granola or Muesli to take home.

    1. Don't know if this is all that "hidden", but there was a time when "Le Petit Pier" in Tahoe Vista, near Kings Beach (North Shore near the Nevada line) was the ultimate in fine dining - almost anywhere. French and expensive.

      1. Last time through the north end of the lake, we ate lunch next to the boat storage barns, at Garwoods, and it was a big dissapointment.

        Lukewarm food served in the bar area, took forever, and my quesadilla could've been better made by a third grader. Flabby (microwaved?) flour tortilla, cold half-melted cheese and no sauce at all. Hubby's med burger came well-done. Oops, somebody forgot about the grill for awhile. Fries OK, but the whole experinence was a frustration. Nice location, but my feeling is erratic quality. It is a "popular place" but I'd pass on it.

        I wish I could recall the place we had some very good burgers (a little farther to the east, closer to Incline, in an old brick building on a sharp triangular corner). Not much seating, but a couple small tables outside, right at the tip of the corner. Outrageous casual food and good beer list. Boy, a lot of help I am. Maybe someone recognizes the location/description? Seems like a real locals spot.

        It's gonna be a zoo, maybe take a picnic to Sand Point (?) and relax there.

        Tip: inlaws live in Carson and are going to Genoa to watch fireworks. Might be less hectic, and some good chow there too.

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          From the description you've given, I don't think this is the burgerplace you are talking about, but did you check this out:

          Bridgetender Tavern: sounds like it is worth going to (if Cynsa and nja say the burgers are good, that is good enough for me to want to try it, and I've got it on my list).

        2. I agree with you on Garwoods....ate there last summer once. Dinner on the deck was nice, but the food was overpriced and mediocre. Don't know the burger place you're talking about. And Sand Harbor (I assume this is the picnic place you're talking about) will have full parking lots by noon, so be warned. Unfortunately, North Lake Tahoe is not known for its food.....its kind of the ultimate example of the old adage that the better the view, the worse the food. I'm heading up there Sunday for a wedding...and I have a feeling that we'll be eating out when we come back late that evening.....(The Hyatt is REALLY not known for its food; although I can't think of a more beautiful wedding setting....)

          1. Janet, I'm sorry but I beg to differ about the food in North Lake Tahoe. On the contrary, if you want terrific restaurants, stay north, and if you want to gamble and have the cuisine that usually follows, head south. I will not go into detail, but the following restaurants could hold their own with anything you'll find in the big city(I don't count Reno as the big city)-The Bistro, Blue Water Grille, Frederick's, Spindleshank's, Sol y Lago, Chrisy Hill, Wolfdale's, River Ranch, Plumpjack, Moody's Bistro, and Dragonfly. On south shore you have Evans followed by Chevy's, etc., and all the steakhouses in the casinos. Now that Ciao has opened in Reno, maybe more will follow. And of course the Indian cuisine can't be beat, but that's by invite only. And by the way, the food at Lone Eagle Grill on the water at the Hyatt is very good now. Of course, none of this is personal :=)

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              See my note elsewhere about Lone Eagle Grill; it does seem to be on the upswing. And I confess I really haven't eaten at many of the restaurants you mention...I was thinking more of Garwood's and places like that. I do really like River Ranch for lunch (never had dinner there) Before the summer is over my goal is to eat at Sol y Lago. Care to join us for a mini-chowdown? (tapas are always better with a group so you can sample more, no?)