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Jun 28, 2006 02:33 AM

Best Lebanese restaurants for lunch and late night?

I wanted to know what are the best places for lebanese cuisine in Montreal these days?
I remember there were many great lebanese restaurants in montreal when I lived there some time ago. (Especially the ones that served great late night schwarmas.)

When I go back to Montreal for a visit in July, I wanted to try a Lebanese place for lunch one day (as well as maybe a late night?) and I would appreciate some recommendations.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Definitely BOUSTAN on Crescent btw. Sherbrooke & De Maisonneuve for the late-night snack. I think he's open 'til 4 am. Great falafel.

    1. Though technically Syrian/Armenian, Le Petit Alep (191 Jean-Talon East, 514 270-9361) is a great spot for lunch. Plus you can combine it with a visit to Jean Talon Market and Little Italy. For a fancier dinner, there's always Alep, right next door.

      Aux Lilas (5570 du Parc, 514 271-1453) is arguably the best Lebanese resto in town and has a homey feel to boot. Plus you can combine it with a visit to the St-Viateur bagel factory.

      Daou (519 Faillon East, 514 276-8310) is worth the detour to Villeray (just ask Céline!!!).

      Downtown shawarmaries are pretty much interchangable. Agree that Boustan is among the better ones, as is the joint on the northwest corner of de Maisonneuve and Aylmer, right behind La Baie, though it's not open late.

      1. I like La Siren de la Mer on Jean Talon. They have a fresh fish market attached to it where you can go and pick out the fish you want and they cook it the way you want. The salads and dips are great and while I haven't had many of their a la carte mains (I almost always go for the fish) the ones I have had have been good as well. It is a pricier place with chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and kitsch romanesque columns as decor, but I've always enjoyed the food and service there.

        1. Sorry, I missed the part in your title that says "lunch and late night". Definitely, La Siren does not cater to the late night crowd, but they may do lunch? You'd have to call to find out.

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            La Sirene does indeed serve lunch.

          2. Hmm my friends there also swear by Boustan's, having tried the lot of them