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Jun 28, 2006 02:22 AM

report - bradley's bbq; sweetwater, tenn (i-75 exit)

last week, we loaded up the truck and headed for atlanta. based on a rec for camp's pit bbq in sweetwater, we pulled off the e-way at 9:00pm for a snack.

camp's is no longer camp's. it's now called bradley's pit bar-b-q and it is worth the stop.

ambiance: modest size place on the side of the road with two dining sections - smoking & non-smoking. nthing special about the decor - very plain.

menu: smoked bbq plates of turkey, pork, brisket, chicken & ribs ($8-$10 or $12 for 2 or $14 for 3); babyback ribs ($13/$19); steaks ($9-$17); burgers; & appetizers

we ate: combo platter of pulled pork & brisket, two kids meals of ribs (2 bones a piece), and four soft drinks

sauce: mild, medium, and hot. all tomato based.

taste: i thought the pork was very good. mild smoke flavor. my wife liked the brisket better. i tried one of my daughter's ribs and was blown away. great smoke, no sauce needed, very meaty, good chew, no sauce needed.

cost: about $30

i give it a 7.5 out of 10.

stop if you are making the treck south. worth the trip.

note: about a half mile past is a small outdoor shack with a couple of picnic tables. looks good. don't remember the name. anyone have any recon on this place?

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