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Jun 28, 2006 02:15 AM

Dinner near the Golden Gate Theater

We are going to see Rent and would like to have dinner before or after. Any recommendations for that area?


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  1. The search engine turned up the thread below for Golden Gate Theater that will help get you started.

    Of the suggestions, my picks would be Gyro King or Original Joe's.

    1. Original Joes is within a - very dodgy - block, up Taylor.

      Very old time Italian, huge portions. Nothing very modern - menu, food prep, decor & tuxedo'd staff - but it's a place I really rather enjoy. Old time San Francisco, with a mixed crowd - on/off duty cops, city hall politicos and their ear benders, young and old.

      Family run, and a nice family.

      1. Farmer Brown, the new darling of the tenderloin opened up on Turk & Market. See my earlier review:

        Across the street down 6th is Tu Lan (yum for the #17 with pork kebab, noodles & imperial roll


        Louisiana Fried Chicken just opened next door to Tu Lan, too.