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Jun 28, 2006 02:10 AM

Dining in Peru? Cusco and Aguas Calientes

My husband and I will be visiting Peru in August, spending 4 days in Cusco, hiking several days, and spending one night in Aguas Calientes.

Any chowhound picks for Cusco or Aguas Calientes? I'm a vegetarian, but my husband is open to all picks. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know about the food at AC , but you must go to the hot pools up the hill behind the town ,especially at night, the plunge pool is fed by meltwater direct from the Andes.

    1. We had a great meal at the Inka Grill on the Plaza in Cusco - bills itself as nouvelle Incan cuisine - lots of vegetarian choices including potato chips made from about a dozen different types of potatos........the stuffed peppers (stuffed with cheese) were delicious.

      1. Do stop in at the South American Explorers Club in Cusco -- they can point you to good spots to eat around the city, plus anything else you'd like to know.

        I was in Aguas Calientes in 1999. It may have changed since then, but at the time it was nothing special -- all of about six blocks square and perhaps one or two eating spots. Wish I could be more encouraging.

        1. Thanks to everyone for your replies. We'll definitely try Inka Grill in Cusco and stop by the SA Explorers Club, as well as try the hot baths in AC!

          1. I'll be going soon too, to both places. Richard Danbury's Inca Trail book claims the best place in A.C. is the French-run Indio Feliz. Has anybody tried it? How about the food at either of the upscale hotels in A.C.?

            Anybody know the best places for cuy and alpaca in Cusco?



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              Yes! Indio Feliz is the best place in Aguas Calientes. It's run by a French/Peruvian couple and it's great. Try the mango chicken. Aguas Calientes itself is a bit dodgy, but this place is an oasis. I think they also run it as a bed and breakfast.