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Dining in Peru? Cusco and Aguas Calientes

Amy Beth Jun 28, 2006 02:10 AM

My husband and I will be visiting Peru in August, spending 4 days in Cusco, hiking several days, and spending one night in Aguas Calientes.

Any chowhound picks for Cusco or Aguas Calientes? I'm a vegetarian, but my husband is open to all picks. Thanks!

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    english_knave RE: Amy Beth Jun 28, 2006 06:20 PM

    I don't know about the food at AC , but you must go to the hot pools up the hill behind the town ,especially at night, the plunge pool is fed by meltwater direct from the Andes.

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      ElizabethS RE: Amy Beth Jun 30, 2006 12:35 AM

      We had a great meal at the Inka Grill on the Plaza in Cusco - bills itself as nouvelle Incan cuisine - lots of vegetarian choices including potato chips made from about a dozen different types of potatos........the stuffed peppers (stuffed with cheese) were delicious.

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        KTFoley RE: Amy Beth Jul 5, 2006 08:45 PM

        Do stop in at the South American Explorers Club in Cusco -- they can point you to good spots to eat around the city, plus anything else you'd like to know.

        I was in Aguas Calientes in 1999. It may have changed since then, but at the time it was nothing special -- all of about six blocks square and perhaps one or two eating spots. Wish I could be more encouraging.

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          Amy Beth RE: Amy Beth Jul 26, 2006 10:56 AM

          Thanks to everyone for your replies. We'll definitely try Inka Grill in Cusco and stop by the SA Explorers Club, as well as try the hot baths in AC!

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            Peter Cherches RE: Amy Beth Aug 2, 2006 04:32 PM

            I'll be going soon too, to both places. Richard Danbury's Inca Trail book claims the best place in A.C. is the French-run Indio Feliz. Has anybody tried it? How about the food at either of the upscale hotels in A.C.?

            Anybody know the best places for cuy and alpaca in Cusco?



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              llopez RE: Peter Cherches Aug 16, 2006 08:46 PM

              Yes! Indio Feliz is the best place in Aguas Calientes. It's run by a French/Peruvian couple and it's great. Try the mango chicken. Aguas Calientes itself is a bit dodgy, but this place is an oasis. I think they also run it as a bed and breakfast.

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