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Jun 28, 2006 01:49 AM

Quan's Rockin' Sushi, Orange (ISO odd chinese dish) Please tell me its not terrible!!! Also N.OC/LA chinese food recs

I've been searching high and low for a dish or two I used to get as a child (back in the 80's) out of a take out place called Jack's Chinese in Bellflower. The place is still there but they have changed their menu. I don't remember what Jack's called it but the dish was flat squares (and I mean square) of duck, probably pressed and deep fried, kind of hard and chewy, surrounded in a dark sweet and sour sauce. I also loved the sub gum chicken chow mein with crispy noodles and paper wrapped chicken (more common on menus but never as good as I remember). Lately, I've also been thinking about this fried chicken they had, it had a very thick bready breading on little chicken legs or thighs, i don't remember which, soaked in a bright red sweet and sour sauce. I've finally found the duck dish on Quan's website described as Almond Duck -"Sweet and sour pressed duck". They also serve the other dishes as well, (except for the s&s chicken) which, if all are done right, would make a lovely meal for me! I'm a little leery about heading out there for chow though, reading some negative things about their "sushi" and the fact that they are also a nightclub, bar and hookah lounge. I'd also love to hear about other recs for good chinese food not too far from me- I live in North Orange County- but will travel for anything like I've described. Thanx!

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  1. It was a pretty common dish, if you ate in Chinese restaurants a couple (or more) of decades ago. I knew of it as "almond pressed duck" or "mandarin pressed duck" in the 60's, when I was a kid in the Bay Area (Ming's in Palo Alto comes to mind...). It's pretty labor-intensive (it's boned duck) and, I believe, kinda "gringo-ized", so it's harder to find now.

    SOMEONE must serve it. Trader Vic's, maybe?

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      I found the site for the Beverly Hills Trader Vic's, they definitely have "Almond Duck Tidbits" on their appetizer menu. I don't get out that way often being a overworked, underpaid college student (yes, I'm in summer school :-( but I'll keep it in mind in case my husband has a business trip out that way so I can tag along. Thanx!!!

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        I also ate at Mings growing up as a youngster in Palo Alto..this was the only place I would eat the "mandarin pressed duck".I also enjoyed the fact they served the food on a big lazy susan,which allowed al of the kids easy access to every dish

      2. This subject comes up on the LA Board once in a while. This thread from last year identifies a couple more places with almond duck.

        Now you've got me craving it.

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          Thanx! Couldn't find it when I tried the search... I tried doing the " " thing and it wouldn't give me "almond duck" as a phrase so I gave up. Probably just me. It's interesting how things are somewhat popular on menus and then they just disappear- I'd be more accepting of the disappearance if it was just me that remembered it. There's got to be someplace closer to me than LA!!! I've been gradually trying all of the sit-down places near me (BTW for anyone in N OC Shiang Hwa in La Habra is really really bad) and I haven't found anyplace that even makes good food let alone the dishes I'm looking for. :-(

          1. re: wendy8869

            Believe it or not, I typed in "almond duck los angeles" (no quotation marks) in the search field. The new search engine may still have a couple kinks, but compared with the old one, it soooooooo rocks!

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              Like I said, probably just me....

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              Ten Ten Seafood, near the 99 Ranch Market, on Euclid/La Palma is pretty good, but I don't know if they serve the almond duck you're looking for.

              There are quite a few Chinese restaurants along Yorba Linda Blvd in Placentia/Fullerton...most of these just serve good (not great) typical Chinese food. However, if you speak to the owners, they can prepare regional dishes that are absolutely delicious.

          2. There's a good reason why the Chinese food pickings are so slim in North OC--everybody hops over the hill into Rowland Heights, which is probably best described as a little Taiwan, though there's good Hong Kong style food there too.

            1. Quan's is horrible. It is best as a the dive bar it has become and worst as a restaurant.

              Order take out.