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Jun 28, 2006 01:21 AM

Yet Another Vegas Question...

You helped me decide on a "steak house" for my son's 21st birthday in Vegas- FIX- since he's staying at the Bellagio. Now we have another dinner to come up with on Sunday night.
We'll be staying at the Four Seasons (what can I say- I'm particular about where I stay!). No one minds a little travel up and down the strip (we'll have to~). I don't want to break the bank on this meal.

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  1. Well, the steakhouse at the Four Seasons (Charlie Palmer's) is great but may well break the bank. If you want a good steak you might try the steak frites at Mon Ami Gabi...just across the street from Bellagio. I really enjoyed mine there (I had the bordelais...). Enjoy the Four Seasons. I just got back; wish I was still there......

    1. I take it you are looking for a fun, NON-steak dinner as your other choice? Your son might enjoy Cafe Babareeba. The food isn't consistently great, but almost all of it is tasty. The specialty is tapas, but it also offers full plates, including paellas. Your son might enjoy the tapas-sized desserts, so that the table can order many different ones, and everyone can have a spoonful or two. Moderately priced, right across the street from the Wynn.

      1. If you dont mind travelling off the strip, Rosemary's is certainly one of the best restaurants in Vegas and stacks up well against any of the best restaurants in the country. The level of execution on the dishes is outstanding - flavors bursting and perfect temerature.

        Huge plus for you is that on Sunday nights the fantastic wine list is 50% off (which will cover at least some of the taxi cost of getting there ~$25)

        You can check out the website