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Jun 28, 2006 01:04 AM

Must I refrigerate FISH SAUCE (in a bottle)?

I purchased a rather large bottle of fish sauce. I just opened it, and want to know if I need to refrigerate it? If not, since it is such a strong odor, will it penetrate and contaminate everything near it? Thanks!

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  1. No, fish sauce does not need to be refridgerated. The salt pretty much prevents it from going bad. As long as you keep it tightly closed, you shouldn't get any odor.

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    1. re: monkey

      Yes, it IS salty! Thanks for this info. I am glad not to have to refrigerate it along with all the other sauces in the fridge. I need a refrigerator "just for sauces!"

    2. As a matter of fact, my fish sauce says NOT to refrigerate it. I'm guessing it'll crystallize. Just keep the lid on it.

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      1. re: geg5150

        The label of my sauce has no English on it, so thanks for this info.

      2. I keep mine in the fridge (no crystallisation happens) but that's because the cap on a bottle of Squid brand is crappy and tends to go. If I keep it in the closet, the whole closet reeks of fish sauce... keeping it in the fridge kills the smell a bit.

        You don't have to, though.

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Thanks for confirming this. The fridge is high-rent property, so unless I have to keep it there, I would prefer the cabinet shelf. I am glad to know that room temperature will not affect it adversely.

        2. Okay my nuoc mam comes out of the fridge.

          But what about SOY SAUCE???

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          1. re: Brian S

            I am the OP for the fish sauce query here...we used to keep our soy sauce in the fridge, but I was told somewhere along the way that it does not have to be refrigerated. We have been keeping it in the cupboard and it seems fine. Anyone else know about this?

          2. We always keep our soy sauce and fish sauce in the cupboard. However, oyster sauce and hoisin sauce are kept in the fridge. There are no problems and we always have those items on hand.