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The Water Thread

Dunno where THIS would go...but what's your favorite water...both flat and sparkling?

I really like Mountain Valley Spring Water for flat. Apolinaris for sparkling....some people can't tell the diff, I can for some reason. .....

Panna is great too.....the water in a glass bottle seems to be better....a bit better temperature.....

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  1. I'm in LA. Water tastes horrible outta the tap. I did the Sparkletts delivery.....not bad.

    1. I drink tapwater here in NYC, but if I'm buying I buy Poland Springs for flat, and S. Pellegrino for fizzy.

      Remember a lot of water brands are regional, so some of us are going to have no idea what others are talking about. I've never heard of the waters mentioned above, as I'm sure people outside the Northeast won't know Poland Spring.

      1. Everyone says water is tasteless. I thought so too, until I started paying attention to it. Sparkling water I steer away from. We have great tasting water in NYC right out of the tap. Yet, I still buy bottled. The brand I presently like is Appalachian Mountain Spring Water. It's better than Poland Spring with NO charcoal filtration taste, and no plastic jug taste. Sold only in gallons here in NY. (Source: Pa.)

        Image: http://www.wspringwater.com/gifs/app_...

        1. I go with Raccoon River Water. Not really available outside Des Moines. Cheap and good. Beats the bottled stuff every time I have someone do a blind taste test.

          1. We like Deer Park or Poland Spring at our house in the DC area.

            When I lived in San Diego, the Sparkletts delivery service was good (they tauted their 7-step filtration process), and usually Arrowhead when I was on the go.

            1. I mainly drink tap water that I filter with a Brita. For sparkling I really like La Croix. The bubbles are very fine like in a top notch champange. It comes in plain and several flavors. I find the lemon very refreshing especially when it is icy cold.

              1. I usually drink local NYC water filtered through Brita as well and it tastes fine to me (as compared to water in central NJ which just tastes off) -- however all of our Swedish friends who visit say that our water is very heavily chlorinated and they can taste it right away
                for sparkling i like Gerolsteiner.

                1. San Francisco filtered tap water is mighty tasty, AKA "Hetch Hetchy's Finest".

                  Solé is my favorite for sparkling, but we have a hard time finding it in restaurants. Pellegrino, while still enjoyable, has a hard edge and too-big bubbles for my taste. I find Panna to be a waste of money in cities where the municipal tap is fine. For higher-end, Ty Nant is great - nice and smooth, but mostly I think because I associate it with the French Laundry.

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                    Nuh uh. You don't know nasty until you've tasted the water here in LA. SF was actually rated as having the cleanest water in the country (I assume that's among cities). Try letting SF tap water sit out for awhile. After the chlorine evaporates, it's not that different from tap run through a Brita (if at all). Here, water tastes horrible no matter how long you let it sit. I come out of the shower smelling like I've been in a swimming pool, and the bathroom always smells like chlorine whether or not someone's just showered. It's wretched.

                    What I really want to try is that Santa Clara Valley water, now that they've installed oxygen filters and gotten rid of chlorine filters for all tap water.

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                      Sorry if I wasn't clear. The SF municipal tap water is pretty great. I totally have to agree with you WRT LA. On my very first trip there as a kid I remember being blown away and disgusted by the tepid softness and the nasty chlorine aftertaste. This was before the bottled water phenomenon, so I was dying for a clear cold glass of water for nearly 2 weeks. The minute I arrived home in Seattle, I remember running to the faucet and drinking it ice cold & clear straight from the tap. My parents thought I was crazy.

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                        No no, I apologize. You typed tasty; I read nasty. I need to get new glasses.

                  2. Volvic for flat...Badoit for sparkling...After years of water fickleness, I have settled on these two...

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                    1. I like Brita Tap Water myself. For bottled, Fiji... I don't like sparkly waters like Pellegrino... bleh!


                      1. The buildings I lived in in NYC gave the lie to the claims about its great tap water (the piping and storage tanks can make a huge difference), but it was fine run through a Brita filter. My local East (SF) Bay water is pretty good straight from the tap. If I'm out and buy a bottled water, I prefer Volvic or Fiji. I'm not a big sparkling water drinker.

                        1. NYC does have pretty good tap water...except that some days the chlorine smell is unbearable! For the amount of good fresh water I use for Taiwanese tea I stopped getting bottled water over 10 years ago while still in Houston, TX. My solution has been the Multipure water filter (solid block of carbon) that works much better in getting rid of chlorine smell than Brita.

                          Usually i run the tap water..(do the dishes) until it turns ice cold, then run it through the filter, fill using cups made of mineral-rich Mu-Yu rocks. Tastes great plain or for tea and coffee.

                          If i had to get bottled water when I'm away from home, I probably get Fiji. Poland Spring uses that flimsy plastic that I can't help tasting. ugh.

                          1. I like Brita water too.
                            I purchased my own pitcher so I could have it at work. I like the convenience of not having to schlep a water bottle from home to work. My water's already there!

                            For sparkling, I like Gerulsteiner (sp?) for it's extra fizzy qualities.

                            1. Brita-filtered NYC tap water. I'm fussier about still water and I've never drunk a still one that wowed me -- it's either neutral or has an obvious defect.

                              For sparkling? Cheap stuff. I love White Rose, the house brand for Gristede's (and sometimes available elsewhere). It's ridiculously highly-carbonated. About a penny an ounce if you buy 5 at a time.

                              1. I know what I HATE---Evian. I swear that stuff tastes like 'water gone bad' to me.

                                For bottled....I think I am just used to Poland Springs so everything else tastes funny but I typically drink Seltzer so I don't bother with sparkling water.

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                                1. re: L_W

                                  I actually like Evian, but then again I like a little mineral taste -- the worst thing possible to me is Aquafina or Dasani, water that's just two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Like drinking air -- can't stand it.

                                  Another I really like is Zephyr Hills, don't know if that's common outside Florida. When I lived up north I liked Deer Park. Don't care for sparkling -- tried Perrier once and thought it was gross.

                                  1. re: Covert Ops

                                    I like Evian too - to me, it is the perfect water. Fiji Water not so much.

                                    I was at the BlogHer conference this weekend where they were handing out samples of high-mineral French "Contrex" water that was seemingly universally hated. No one drank a whole bottle and it was rapidly dubbed with an obscene moniker that stuck.

                                    I like Pellegrino for fizzy.

                                2. Flat: A tie between brita-filtered, refrigerated Boston tap water, and Fiji water.

                                  Fizzy: Gerolsteiner. Then Badoit. Then Appolinaris.

                                  1. I usually drink NYC tap through a Brita filter, but if I had to buy my water, it's usually a toss-up between Volvic and Fiji (never done a side by side), then Poland Spring (since it's available everywhere). I also love Badoit. Badoit was one of the things I brought back from trips to France before it made an appearance in the US. But I haven't found it for less than $4 a bottle here in NYC. For those who get Badoit, where do you buy it?

                                    1. There is a regional brand in the Midwest called Buffalo Don's. The spring variety is my favorite. Dumb name, good water.

                                      1. I went to a conference this past week where they were giving out samples of the high-mineral "Contrex" water. Said it was the second-most popular water in France.

                                        It was universally hated for the flavor and the strange texture. People would not finish a bottle, despite it being the only water around. They would take one or two tastes and leave it...each table was left with a round of almost-full bottles on it.