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Jun 28, 2006 12:37 AM

The Water Thread

Dunno where THIS would go...but what's your favorite water...both flat and sparkling?

I really like Mountain Valley Spring Water for flat. Apolinaris for sparkling....some people can't tell the diff, I can for some reason. .....

Panna is great too.....the water in a glass bottle seems to be better....a bit better temperature.....

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm in LA. Water tastes horrible outta the tap. I did the Sparkletts delivery.....not bad.

      1. I drink tapwater here in NYC, but if I'm buying I buy Poland Springs for flat, and S. Pellegrino for fizzy.

        Remember a lot of water brands are regional, so some of us are going to have no idea what others are talking about. I've never heard of the waters mentioned above, as I'm sure people outside the Northeast won't know Poland Spring.

        1. Everyone says water is tasteless. I thought so too, until I started paying attention to it. Sparkling water I steer away from. We have great tasting water in NYC right out of the tap. Yet, I still buy bottled. The brand I presently like is Appalachian Mountain Spring Water. It's better than Poland Spring with NO charcoal filtration taste, and no plastic jug taste. Sold only in gallons here in NY. (Source: Pa.)


          1. I go with Raccoon River Water. Not really available outside Des Moines. Cheap and good. Beats the bottled stuff every time I have someone do a blind taste test.