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Jun 28, 2006 12:21 AM

Ideas for best DC dining experience for gift to a couple

Trying to give a gift certificate to a couple who has everything, and is in DC from Central American for the month. They just had a baby, so the place should be a nice getaway. High end food and service, something to brag about when they get back home as the place to visit. Haven't lived in DC for a few years, so I am at a loss. Something on par with Inn at Little Washington, but where you can actually get a reservation within the month.

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  1. check out maestro at the ritz carlton located in tysons corner.

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    1. re: prettygrl

      I agree with the Maestro/Ritz Carlton and Citronelle/Latham reccos. But expect to cough up a lung to pay for it all.

    2. In would say Citronelle, or possibly CityZen.

      1. Eve or Komi or Obelisk.

        1. I would have to second Citronelle, Great food, nice setting , over overlooked. I go there for special occassions.