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Newsroom Cafe or Off Vine?

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Hi, I'm just visiting LA for the week and have heard mixed reviews about both these places. Just looking for a casual dinner...any opinions on which one to hit up? Or, any better suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Go with off vine. Newsroom cafe is more of a bruch place in my experience. Get the souffle at Off Vine.

      1. Off Vine. Gotta love those sides. And the banana cream pie.

          1. If you are a wheat grass person, Newsroom. If not, Off Vine. But if you want to have possible celeb sightings at The Ivy across the street, Newsroom. In the same hood as Off Vine, but with better food, a bit of a scene and a bigger check: Hungry Cat.

            1. Also near Off-Vine think about Magnolia

              1. I'm going to venture to say that it depends on your definition of "casual dinner." Some might say that Off Vine borders on "not casual" (i.e., white tablecloths and a wine list). Newsroom, however, is definitely casual, in all senses of the word.