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Jun 27, 2006 11:40 PM

Over-saturation of Topical board categories?

(could also be: Means needed for differentiating among Topical boards?)

For the following list of Topical message boards, I have some comments and suggestions.

First, the list:

General Chowhounding
Not About Food
Food Media and News

Based upon their names alone, I am not entirely clear what each of these Topical boards should contain. And without a basic understanding of what topics are represented by each board, I will be far less likely to use them -- both as a reader and a poster.

The problem for me is that they all sound like they could contain roughly the same information.

Maybe I am the only one experiencing this confusion. If this is the case, then could someone please shoot over a description of each of these board's content and I will be grateful.

On the other hand, if others like me are baffled, then maybe a good idea would be to make Topical boards into its own page, and then offering a description of generic sounding boards such as these and the content they should contain.


P.S. I am also not clear on the differences between all of your Site Specific boards. For example, what makes it appropriate to post something in User Help and not Site Talk? And how about Feedback: Report Problems? All three sound like they could be used for questions about the site. Do you see my point?

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  1. General Chowhounding Topics: General discussion about food. examples: What is the different between soba and ramen noodles? What's your favorite jarred sauce? What to order in a Thai restaurant?

    Not About Food: almost-but-not quite food talk. recent examples: Do you go to restaurants that only take cash? Need some input on a kitchen renovation. How do I get rid of weevils in my pantry?

    Food Media & News: discussion of food TV, movies, books (except cookbooks, which go on Home Cooking board), blogs, food reviewers, news articles about food, etc. If it's a discussion about food-related media or food in the news, it goes here.

    Site Talk: General discussion and questions about the site. Software feature requests and general feedback onthe site software go here.

    Feedback: Report Problems: Report problems encountered in using the new Chowhound software.

    User help: Ask questions on how to use our software. If you have a neat tip or trick about using the site, post it here. The Chowhound Team will also be posting usability tips on our site software here.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      Thanks, Chowhound Team!

      Thanks for all the great work on the site. I am still playing around with the new features, and I really like a lot of what I see.

      Thanks also for trying hard to remain open to any and all suggestions by the Chowhound community; no matter how trivial or silly they may sound on the surface.

      Together, we can build something really special. :-)

    2. I'm not having any trouble figuring out those boards, but I frequented two of them on the old site, too and have actually found myself more likely to go to the General Chowhounding Topics (all one link), and Food Media and News than I was before.

      General Chowhounding is any chain related, general food issues (that aren't about cooking or cookware). There is much discussion of where to get certain food items, what to get when you're forced to visit McDonald's - those sorts of things.

      Not About Food - there's actually a description put up every so often on the site: Still food or restaurant related but doesn't fit in those other categories. Lot's of discussion about tips, frustration with restaurant policy - pretty easy to get a feel for this one by visiting.

      Food News and Media - pretty self-explanatory and used to be under the 'Not about food' board but is now it's own place (which I personally LOVE).

      Obviously not a definitive or complete answer but perhaps that gives you an idea?

      Chowteam - please don't cut down the categories....I'm really digging the site.

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      1. re: krissywats

        Actually there's a new board called "Chains". Those discussions are now separate from "General".