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Jun 27, 2006 11:39 PM

Bistro near Greek Theatre recommendations please

Going to Radiohead at the Greek theatre on thursday, have been craving foie gras, hangar steak and steak frites and other french bistro faves. Anything in this neighborhood? Good cocktails would be a nice bonus. Price not that important, but should be somewhat casual.

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  1. How about a trattoria instead? Farfalla on Hillhurst.

    1. First of all, I hate you. No, not really but Radiohead *sigh.* I tried every avenue to get tix but alas, hell has not frozen over so I didn't get them. I hope you have a great time for both of us.

      Blairs- they basically have the best fries on the planet, great steak, fabulous salmon, a smashing tuna tartare and mouth watering desserts. Order the truffled mac n cheese. Wait- Blair's fries, truffled mac n cheese and then Radiohead? By god, you've practically died and gone to heaven.

      Link: Tuna Toast:

      1. The above two postings nailed the best two neighborhood options. Farfalla = the most authentically Italian option I know of in LA, and incredibly consistent to boot. Blairs = pretty much the best high end restaurant on the East side. As a pre-show option, Farfalla is much quicker, not to mention closer.

        1. Farfalla makes a good tbone and an a salad with seafood called Frutti di Mare. I also like their fried calamari, with a lighter version of batter, served with a home style marinara sauce. When you are seated, they serve this olive oil with sun dried and fresh tomatoes, garlic and herbs with the basket of bread. Pizza made fresh and to order.

          Decent wine list with CA choices. Good specials board. One thing to note is that I find the sweets bit lacking.