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Jun 27, 2006 11:24 PM

What's the problem with the foodtv website?

Has anyone else had problems getting on?

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  1. I just checked and the site popped right up.

    1. FoodNetwork website has given me problems for ages.. I am wondering whether or not it is just super busy or just needs debugging but I have been having regular problems with.

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      1. re: foodzot

        It has only been difficult for me for the last week. I think they must just be unable to handle the traffic. This morning it came up fine. They really need to fix their problem.

      2. Glad to hear it's not just me who's annoyed with that site. I hate that you have to wait for the crawl at the top of the page to finish before you can enter a search successfully. Also, I can't scroll, I have to jump an entire page down. I sent them e-mail about it, but never got a reply, and never expect to.

        1. My favorite way to search their site is through Google.

          Do an advanced search, enter your terms, and select as the site.

          You skip the ads on the front page that take way too long to load!

          This is also only way to easily find a specific person's recipe.

          1. I have never had any difficulty until today. I was beginning to think that I had forgotten the correct name for the website. In fact while checking for the correct website, i led me to this chowhound site. Looking forward to explore, but still can't get on to food tv.