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Jun 27, 2006 11:13 PM

Very special help needed for the Westside... Party of 11

I'm in a quandry.... Need a nice (for my Mom), somewhat quiet (again for Mom), bordering on fancy (for me), and reasonably priced (thanks to Dad) restaurant for a part of 11 - early in the evening, 6-ish. Unfortunately no Italian, no Japanese.

It's their anniversary, but Dad will be ticked off if the kids spend too much (think no more than $25 per person). Is this even possible?

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  1. Fancy, even bordering on Fancy is not going to happen for $25 a head....try Fords Filling Station, we had a great meal there on the patio which could be all yours at 6ish...

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    1. re: yummyinmytummy

      you're right. shouldn't have even mentioned the word "fancy." better described as fairly quite, pleasant, and decent food for over 80 year old folks...

    2. Don't know if Indian or Thai food are options for you, but Bombay Cafe ( ) or Chan Dara ( ) might work. Also, you might want to consider one of the Cheesecake Factory locations ( ). I know that a lot of hounds don't love it, but I find it consistently good - especially for large groups with diverse tastes. I generally wouldn't consider it to be "quiet", but at 6ish it might be. Good luck.

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        The Cheesecake Factory is not so noisy outside on the patio. and it is consistently good. They may even allow you a reservation for a large party. I have hosted a group of 14 and I called ahead twice. We waited only 10 minutes for the table.

      2. i think the middle eastern places such as sharzad, shamshiri or javan will work in your price range.

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          Agreed... Gabys does large parties. :)


        2. I know you said Westside, but I can't think of anything there that meets your specs. If the Valley is an option, you might try Cafe Bizou...haven't been there in years, but I remember the food being good and reasonably priced, and I remember a nice atmosphere...classier than the prices would suggest. Don't know how loud it will be, but most places aren't too louad at 6. It looks like they have a new location in Sherman Oaks:
          Their website advertises $1 salad or soup for anniversaries and other special occassions, and $2 corkage (I think they've always had that, but that way you could have some wine for the special occassion while still keeping the price down.)

          1. Perhaps Nook on Santa Monica or Violet on Pico would get you closer to your goal, particularly if you do a set menu.

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            1. re: New Trial

              thanks! thought about nook and actually called them. they have a table for up to 14. have never been there, though have heard many good things. is it a place where a party of 11 could comfortably enjoy a good dinner? thanks again all for your help. i am the designated party planner/family mediator/decision maker. the stress is starting to get to me after all these years...

              1. re: vewyfunny

                I am a big fan of Nook. Parking in the minimall on Santa Monica Blvd. at Barry (one block east of Barrington) is easy and won't cost you for valet. You can share some appetizers -- I like the mac'n'cheese, others rave about the mussels, the soups are good, and there are salads. Entrees range from about $12 for the excellent burger to about $20 for the flatiron steak, and sides are included. Service has been friendly and good the times I've been.

                Make sure you make your reservation well in advance. The place has gotten very popular and getting in that day or a couple days out is now difficult, though they don't take reservations for tables after a certain hour.