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Jun 27, 2006 11:10 PM

Mi Pueblo Market (Mtn View) - Burrito Report

Many times I've passed Mi Pueblo and noticed the line of hispanic folks in front of the market's taqueria either waiting to order or waiting for food. Each time I said to myself, wow, perhaps the food's really good, or maybe the prices are right or maybe, just maybe, both! Note to self: stop by next time you're hungry.

Well, that visit occurred last night. A quick scan of the menu revealed the typical taqueria offerings and prices in the $1 to $5 range. I decided upon a carnitas super burrito for $4.95.

The burrito was ready in about 5 minutes (enough time for me to run into the market and pick up a 12 of Pacifico for about $12). Said burrito was wrapped in foil and placed into a styrofoam container with a pickled jalapeno, some pickled carrots and a wedge of lime. I'm guessing the buritto weighed somewhere between 1 and 2 was quite substantial.

The first surprise was that the burrito had been grilled!!! I am definitely of the opinion that grilling a burrito is vastly superior to just steaming the tortilla. First bite revealed a nice big hunk of carnitas with that fried taste and texture on the the edges surrounding a rich porky and still moist interior. As I progressed, I found several large hunks of carnitas such that I'm guessing 1/2 the burrito was meat, with the remainder being rice, beans, cheese, guac, salsa and crema. One burrito and 2 of the Pacifico's made for a substantial and satisfying dinner.

I need to return a few times to try some of the other items before calling this place my new favorite taqueria but I definitely know where I'm going when i want a carnitas burrito again!

Mu Pueblo Market
Rengstorff and Caltrain tracks
Mountain View

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  1. Try Taqueria La Bamba which is like 1/2 mile up Rengstorf towards the 101. The soft tacos there are excellent and people swear by the burritos. The carnitas, al pastor, lengua was ALL good.

    1. I prefer La Bamba's carnitas to Mi Pueblo's. And try their quesadilla with carnitas. That's almost too rich for one item, but it's just so good when it's fresh off the grill.

      To the original poster, did you mean the grilled the whole burrito (ala Taco Bell at times) or just the tortilla (La Bamba does this)? I agree, steamed tortillas are just wrong.

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      1. re: Peter Yee

        I assumed they grilled the whole burrito since the tortilla was browned way more than if they had just warmed the tortilla on the grill prior to assembly. But since I don't know for sure (I was inside the market getting my Pacifico while my food was cooking), I'll just have to go back and order another to find out!

      2. I am more a fan of the torta's at Mi Pueblo than the burrito's. I think they make one of the better torta's on the Peninsula.

        1. I love La Bamba - for me it's the chile colorado tacos. Delicious.