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Jun 27, 2006 10:46 PM

Anyone been to Banu?

Last week I noticed the restaurant Banu (777 Queen St W) for the first time, and I was intrigued to see sheep testicles on the menu. Has anyone given this restaurant a try? I found a recent review in NOW magazine, but I've learned not to trust their recommendations.

Could you recommend any dishes (both exotic and normal)? How does it stack up to other Persian restaurants in the GTA?


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  1. i realize this post is old, but i thought i'd answer it anyways in case someone searches it.

    i love banu! i eat organic meat so it's important that they have that.

    as for testicles.... never had 'em... but the first item on the menu made with the ground sirloin is really fabulous. so is their bread and sheep cheese appetizer w/ fresh herbs, etc.

    give it a try. a little pricey but that's mainly because they use organic ingredients. i love the pomegranate juice there, and they have this spice called sumach. it's really a different culinary experience than your run of the mill restaurant.

    definitely go.