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Jun 27, 2006 10:26 PM

Bay Cities' Deli Counter (hot foods)

Good wait for the sandwhiches, but you get a roll with the meal.....meatloaf + 2 sides (spinich and a macaroni pasta = 6.98). The meatloaf was pretty damn good.....thick slice, had them put some tomato sauce on top.

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  1. I think they have the meatballs there too... Hmmmm... :)


    1. Indeed they do. If parking wasn't so bad, I'd go there regularly.....

      1. Bad like durring lunch? I've never had a huge problem with parking, but I tend to go on the weekends or later in the afternoon durring the workday. They are also great on Fax orders... I had to hand scribble one complex one and they were SPOT on... :)


        1. Yeah, the parking lot fills up fast. Faxin is the way to go....