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Jun 27, 2006 10:06 PM

Date and Time gone forever?

When looking through older posts, it's hard to figure out when 1,325 days ago was exactly. Any chance you will switch back to dates/time?

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  1. That isn't particularly friendly for older posts, you're right. We'll work on something.

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    1. re: Engineering

      Sometimes even with more recents posts, you'd like to know what time of year a certain rest. patio was open, or a certain food was at its peak or available, etc. I think a date is crucial and way easier than to try to figure out when 28 months ago was. Thanks for hearing me out!

      1. re: Engineering

        Yes, I agree. "1,245 days ago" is virtually meaningless for comprehension. "One hour ago" can be grasped by the mind, ditto "one day ago"; but anything older than 1 week is pure abstraction-just another empty number. "July 3, 2001" or "April 15, 2005" tells us far more about the post-we immediately relate to it from a personal perspective-to what we were doing on that day before a holiday on that fateful year etc. That old archived post takes on a belated resonance in that way.

      2. If you REALLY want to know, it's very easy in EXCEL. Put the function =TODAY() in one cell and subtract the number of days from it. 1325 days ago today was 11/10/2002.

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        1. re: Gary Soup

          --yawn-- what a fun way to go through CH posts! Thanx for the tip, Gary. Excel-free zone here, alas, but I don't have the time or inclination go through all that machination for each post that interests me, who does?

          1. re: Sarah

            Well, I did say "if you REALLY want to know," which was trigged by your "I think a date is crucial." Personally, "1325 days ago" is good enough for me.