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British Grocery Store in Manhattan

I am trying out this recipe which needs specific ingredients such as Nestle heavy cream, which in found in England. Therefore I am looking for a Grocery store that sells British products. Any ideas?

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  1. "Myers of Keswick, the traditional English shop serving expatriots in both Greater New York..."


    634 Hudson Street
    (between Horatio and Jane St.'s)

    1. Yes, Tea & Sympathy, which is in the West Village (108 Greenwich Ave, New York, 10011 - (212) 807-8329).

      Give them a call and check for your particular ingredients (let me guess: Cadbury's chocolate, a Crunchie or two, MilkChoc Goldgrain for the topping, maybe a Mars bar to melt for fudge sauce, Blue Walker's Crisps...)

      There's another store around the corner on Hudson, or maybe Jane, but I don't know if it's any good.

      By the way, none of this will do you any good. England are going to get roasted by Portugal on Saturday.

      - Sean


      1. You also may just want to use heavy whipping cream, which is another 35+% cream product that is very easy to find all over the city. As for other British ingredients (shelf stable ones, that is), there are several shops that sell them, including Myers, Tea and Sympathy on Greenwich, as well as a bunch of delis/bodegas around the city (which is where we get our Maltesers and Branston Pickle),


        NYCnosh: http://nycnosh.com

        1. Thank you, appreciate it

          1. There are a quite a few delis on 1st and 2nd Aves in the East Village that sell British and Irish products - the ones on 2nd & 9th and 1st & 4th come immediately to mind.

            1. What do you mean by Nestle heavy cream ,are you talking about their condensed milk.

              Heavy cream will get you blank stares in the UK.

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                Agree. I don't know what that means. If it's just heavy cream, I don't know why you'd need the Nestle brand. Nestle are, however, famous for their condensed milk - which is a totally different thing. You'd better check.

                Myers, by the way, has clotted cream (I noticed last week), which is a fine British delicacy, suitable for eating on scones (or biscuits) with jam (or jelly).

              2. I'm guessing she means double cream.

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                  I agree that this is probably double cream, which whipping cream doesn't quite sub for--you can take equal parts heavy whipping cream and clotted cream/devonshire cream (sold in specialty shops) and get a rough approximation of double cream. Heavy whipping cream is more like cream and a half by britfood standards...

                2. Fairway in Red Hook has a small section of British staples, like Heinz canned products, etc.

                  1. So does Fairway on Broadway and 74th. But I've never seen British dairy products there.

                    1. Maybe the Butcher's Block in Queens would stock that? It's Irish, but they stock many of the usual suspects.

                      1. Does anyone know of a store that sells British goods in the Grand Central/Times Square/Theatre District area? Specifically, I am looking for black treacle. I'll be in town tomorrow. Thanks!

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                          None that I know if but Myer's of Keswick is just 10 minutes away.

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                            Myers of Keswick carries Tate & Lyle's.