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Jun 27, 2006 10:00 PM

Paris Markets

I heading to Paris next week - can't wait!

I really want to go to a food market to get goodies for a picnic on one of my days there. I will be in Paris Monday-Friday, but both Monday and Friday are partially travel days...I'm thinking that I would ideally want to do the market on Wednesday or Thursday, but would also consider Tuesday.

So, here's my questions.

1. Which ones are open on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
2. Which ones are closest to the Marais
3. If you could only go to one market which would you go to?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or for pointing me to a good website. Everything that I read was older and said to make sure to check with the market to find definite day that they are open.

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  1. I was in Paris a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the marché biologique on Boulevard Raspail (near the Sevres metro stop). However, it may only be open on Sundays, but I found a NYT listing that says it's open on Tuesdays and Fridays. Lots of produce, but also some prepared foods, including roasted chickens. We stocked up on slices of veggie tarts, rhubarb tarts, bread, cheese, fruit and cider while munching on a galettes aux pommes de terre (potato pancakes). They also sold some nice gift items, including scented soaps with an imprint of the Eiffel Tower (3 for 5 euro, wish I bought more). Enjoy!

    1. There are two markets near the Marais. The Rue Montorgeuil in the 2nd is open Tuesday to Sunday in the mornings and then the afternoons after a lunch break. This market is the remain of the old Les Halles. The better open market near the Marais is Richard Lenoir in the 11th which is open on Thursday mornings. There are too many markets in Paris to discuss in this post. Unless you are into browsing various markets as part of your trip, you will find everything you need in either of the above market.

      1. I think the site here will give you a list of markets in Paris and the days they are open.

        I also heartily recommend going to your local bookstore or public library to search out a copy of Paris in a Basket, beautiful coffee table book for only $20 that tells you everything about the markets of Paris, including which are the best in each arrondissement and which days they operate, etc. Markets are my favorite things in Paris--or anywhere. Enjoy.

        1. You'll find the most complete list for traditional food markets and specialized markets (bio, etc). published (in English) by the Mairie de Paris.

          1. Honestly, I wouldn't just confine myself to the Marais just because thats where I'm staying. Its pretty darned easy to get around to markets in other places. The Paris in Basket book is a favorite in our house. It has a picture of a man with a wild boar in it from the first market we took our son to. When we got the book, the pup started yelling about the "piggy man" and sure enough, it was him. Anyrate, enough digressing, the book is excellent. Another good one is the Patricia Wells guide to paris. While it hasn't been revised for a while, it has a very good schedule for the markets in it---dates time, places and Metro Stops!

            I like the Richard Lenior in the 11th. As I recall, the Raspiel organic market is only organic on Sundays. My favorite market is in the Latin Quarter. I think it is called Carmes and it is at maubert mutualite. It is on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Nice stuff with a nice cheese store and a charcruterie on the same square, around the corner from Luxembourg Gardens but more importantly, just down the street from the Eric Kayser Bakeries! both the organic and regular are up Monge from the market. The bread is incredible and well worth the short hop across the river from the Marais.