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Jun 27, 2006 09:40 PM

good eats in amarillo?

any place worth stopping in Amarillo?

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  1. With the new--and functional--search feature, you can easily look for Amarillo in all the history of the Texas board. There have been a number of conversations in the past.

    If you didn't find the kind of recommendations you wanted in those discussions, a description of what you're looking for might spark the memories of people who have lived there or stopped there on road trips.

    I hope you enjoy your visit and that you'll let us know how your decisions pan out.

    1. If you could let us know the reason for your trip and what you are looking for I could give you some suggestsions. If you just want random places thrown at you:

      Zen, Bl Bistro, Tacos Garcia, David's Steaks, Coyote Bluff just to start.

      1. Being on a major highway (Interstate 40), there is a good chance you are just passing through, maybe stopping for the night. If so, one option for a meal is to head down to Palo Duro Canyon State Park, eat the BBQ dinner served there and spend the evening watching the play “Texas.” The BBQ is not the best but not too bad, the play entertaining and the scenery wonderful.

        Another option for a quick stop is the Big Texan Steak Ranch. Driving into Amarillo you will see the signs, if you have not heard of it before that. Most locals will say they don’t go there often (nor do I) but it is still one of the best self contained “amusement park” style restaurants I know of in the U.S. Been around a long time and only getting bigger. If you want the steak without that much amusement park, try the Country Barn at the other end of town.

        If you’re here for a longer time and/or want more “local” spots, there is as already noted the BL Bistro, Zen . . . Also a recent addition is Carolina’s, a wood fired oven place (go for the food not atmosphere), and one of my local favorites would be Barnaby’s Beanry for the cornbread cheeseburger and fries.

        Amarillo is no foody paradise, but we have some “good eats.”

        1. Zen is fabulous - downtown, serene and lovely.

          BL Bistro is quite a scene with good food, too. I loved the eggplant fries. Same owner as Zen.

          Good surprises in Amarillo for anyone tired of Big Texan's schtick.

          Just west of town on I-40, Randy's of Wildorado is a real treat.