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Jun 27, 2006 08:25 PM

Fine DIning in Auburn area?

My father was sick on my Parent's 40th anniversary, and my Mom wants to make it up to him by taking him somewhere nice when he's better. A kind of place you can bring a good bottle of wine and have a nice meal. They live in Cool, which is close to Auburn. Folsom is too far away.

Any suggestions in the area?

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  1. Villa Venezia in a restored old house in Grass Valley was very nice. Creative menu - northern Italian. They care and want to do it right.

    Here is a link to see if this will work for you - lovely home like environmet:

    Small but important quibble. I had the "Zucca" squash crepes which the menu claimed was served with "sage infused butter". It was not infused, which would have really made it a very special dish - it only was sprinkled with crisps sage and the main flavor was butter, not sage. Small problem because the whole dish was very, very good and I would order it again - and make sure the butter got infused this time.

    They also served a very nice out-of-peach-season Bellini.

    1. Here is a strong 2nd for Villa Venezia. My wife and I eat there as often as we can although it is about a 50 mile drive. Their wine list is extensive and moderately priced (corkage $15). Although we have not been in several weeks, all winter they had a Tuesday night cioppino full-meal special. There was always a fresh fish special which varied by availability. We try but often fail to resist the gnocchi which is so rich and delicious. The owners and staff are very nice (my opinion may be tainted by the free wine they've given us on occasion).

      1. Diana - I have two words for you: Carpe Vino

        This Auburn establishment is a wine store (mostly California, with an emphasis on small production producers)that recently added a 20-seat fine dining restaurant.

        They have two CIA grads (Hyde Park, NY) in the kitchen, and the menu is California/French. Their plates are beautiful, and the flavors sing.

        I'm not sure what their corkage policy is (call first), but all of the wine consumed in the restaurant is sold at retail price.

        1. Le belig!

          A French bistro just off Hwy 49, north of US80, near the BelAir shopping center. Great eats, very pleasant staff, and a warm, small, intimate dining room.

          Le Belig
          11750 Atwood Rd.

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            Marc, Monica and family are great. I drive up the hill to eat the great french food

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