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Jun 27, 2006 08:12 PM

Le Creuset citrus juicer

Does anyone have this lemon/lime juicer? It's small, simple, and just what I want...if it works!

Limes are 16/$1 right now!

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  1. I use the orange juicer of this style:

    I didn't get them from Sur La Table, but that's the first picture I found on line. I think I paid $9 for the orange juicer at TJ Max, and it works perfectly well for lemons and limes. It is really sturdy and you don't need to squeeze that hard. Just be sure to get one with a long handle, which allows you to use less pressure. Plus, clean up couldn't be easier.

    My guess is that the Le Creuset one is more expensive. Do you know the price?

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      From what I can find, the one I mentioned is right at twice as much as the one you point out. That's without shipping.

      1. re: Darren72

        I love those types of juicers... so easy to use. You can get them even cheaper at Mexican Supermarkets or here:


      2. We have both the yellow model (lemons) and the green model (limes). They work great, are inexpensive, easy to clean and take up little room in the drawer. And, the hint about the Mexican markets is true, much better pricing than Sur La Table.

        We have a lime tree in the backyard and this time of the year that little dandy gets used every weekend to add in the production of "Maggies." REAL, fresh lime juice is one of the secrets to an outstanding margarita.

        1. Even non-Mexican markets have them (in plain silver) for less than Sur La Table. I think I saw them at Whole Foods for under $10, even. And at Marshall's they're often under $5.