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Jun 27, 2006 08:03 PM

burger-philes - should I bother with J.G. melon?

trying to make the rounds and was wondering if J.G. is the real deal...

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  1. JG Melon is definitely the real deal, although Corner Bistro will always be my favorite place for great burgers.

    1. I second that JG Melon is the real deal and very, very worth hitting in your "rounds."

      Bonnie ;)

      1. it's solid...but not sure i'd put it on the destination list.. on the smaller side with a nice char...and the cottage fries are a nice side.

        1. I think J.G. is fine but not in the pantheon of truly great burgers. Worth trying if you are on the UES and like a previous poster said, the cottage fries don't hurt.

          1. Melon's was most impressive. See my burger ranking below. I put it up there with Burger Joint and just behind Corner Bistro