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burger-philes - should I bother with J.G. melon?

trying to make the rounds and was wondering if J.G. is the real deal...

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  1. JG Melon is definitely the real deal, although Corner Bistro will always be my favorite place for great burgers.

    1. I second that JG Melon is the real deal and very, very worth hitting in your "rounds."

      Bonnie ;)

      1. it's solid...but not sure i'd put it on the destination list.. on the smaller side with a nice char...and the cottage fries are a nice side.

        1. I think J.G. is fine but not in the pantheon of truly great burgers. Worth trying if you are on the UES and like a previous poster said, the cottage fries don't hurt.

          1. Melon's was most impressive. See my burger ranking below. I put it up there with Burger Joint and just behind Corner Bistro

            1. Eh. It's a bar burger for the half-grown frat boy scene. Not even close to the Burger Joint, Shake Shack, Corner Bistro, or Goodburger hamburger.

              1. it is the best burger you will ever eat

                1. who cares if its "half-grown frat scene" or a mcdonald's? as i read it, the question pertains purely to the quality of the burger.

                  1. Definitely worth making a trip to the UES for the burgers at Mellon's. Don't expect a nice leisurely meal though. Every time I eat there I feel like they are trying to rush me out the door as fast as possible.

                    1. JG Mellon is nothing to go out of your way for. The staff is rude and the burgers are mediocre at best. If you're going to the UES, you're better off at Doc Watson's.

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                        I could not agree more. The burgers are not special at all, and the staff is rude. There are WAY to many other places to go to in the city........

                      2. I make the trip for thier burgers, and I rarely go up there for much else. It's worth the trip for the burger, not the scene.

                        1. JG Mellon is my favorite burger joint in the city. The burgers are just the right size, if you like bacon cheese burgers, the bacon is ALWAYS crispy, perfectly cooked and cottage fries are delicious.

                          1. We are Melon's regulars- granted it is in our 'hood and as it is hard for us to forego the cottage fries and bloody mary's with our burgers- we always consider going a treat- though I would love to go weekly. I am a non-beef eater but the turkey burgers are the best I have ever had- not too thick. My bf loves the chili as well- with all of the trimmings! ps- cash only