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Jun 27, 2006 07:52 PM

Links to Classic Threads?

Over the years, I've collected urls for a dozen or so really great threads -- things I like to re-read or response to questions that get asked repeatedly. For example, Thi N.'s review of Langer's in Los Angeles is a wonderful piece of writing:

None of these old links seem to work now that the site has been updated. So, my question is, are these old posts all lost forever, or is there a way to get from the old url to the current incarnation of the old posts?

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  1. We're currently working on a solution.

    1. In the meantime, the search engine can find them for you. Not sure if the post linked below is the one you're referring to. I found it using advanced search for the LA board with Thi as the author, Langer's as the search term.