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We're visiting NYC July 7 to 11. Need some restaurant recs. For this trip, there are 2 of us, and wine is not important. (Normally it is, but I'm pregnant). Looking for some "can't miss" suggestions--no sushi, and nothing super-fancy. (Not so much in the mood to really dress up.) Will need pre-theater dinner suggestion for Saturday night, plus any dim sum recs are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Pre Theatre- Le Madeline

    A must for NYC- LUPA

    Dim Sum- Pings in Chinatown

    I am sure other posters will come up with some other really great suggestions for you. I also like Becco in the theatre district, though lately its been getting some bad feedback, and it's Italian and I like Lupa MUCH better so I thought I'd give you french for pre theater.

    1. This is a little off, but I know that Cha an has done tasting dinners with tea pairings. Not sure if this is a regular thing but it might be a nice option.

      1. golden bridge on bowery and canal for dim sum.

        1. Made pre-theater reservations for Le Madeleine. Sounds fun. I'll report back. Thanks for the suggestion.

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            I think you'll be happy with that choice Liz. It's a lovely restaurant, and the food is quite good. I had dinner there once, and brunch several times and always enjoyed myself.


          2. A new restaurant just opened up right near my office. It's called "Just Salad". Well, it is not "Just" any salad. I always create different salads and add in their delicious dressings. It's a must try for lunch or dinner, and at a reasonable price as well. The bowls are fantastic (and in cool colors) and serves as storage for anything. They are located on 51st between park and madison. I suggest the texas-two step... you can never go wrong. Check out their menu at justsalad.com. Enjoy!

            1. The report: we had a wonderful (and delicious) visit. We had a great dinner at Public in SoHO (I think it was in SoHo)- really good. Trendy, but not too trendy. They let us sit with friends for a good while and did not rush us through the meal.

              Pre-theater dinner the next night at Le Madeleine. Husband loved his food (pork tenderloin); my pasta was ok. (I blame myself for ordering pasta- I rarely do, but just wasn't in the mood for something "real.") I was a little annoyed that they seated us in the bar area, rather than the main dining area. Though the restaurant was full, I realized there was an open 2 top in the crowd when the next couple that came in was seated there. I suspect it's because we are young-looking (though not young-paying!! we're lawyers in our 30's!), but still... service was decent otherwise.

              Dim sum brunch sunday at Ping's...so good. Loved every second of it. We sat at a table with strangers (which was fine), our food was fresh and delicious. My favorite thing was a jalapeno stuffed iwth shrimp meat, with black bean sauce.

              Dinner that night on Upper East with a friend at a neighborhood place called Vermicelli. Decent food. I wasn't very hungry, so can't comment completely.

              Breakfast at our hotel one day, at Norma's, very good, but who can eat a full order?? Seriously, I'd take 1/4 the food and 1/2 the price and give it a better review then.

              Dinner at Dawat in the 50's...probably my favorite food of hte weekend. I love Madhur Jafrey's cookbooks (and Indian food generally), and the menu there was delicious. (Again, though, we were seated away from almost everyone else in the restaurant. What's up with that???) I had some sort of Kashimiri shrimp dish and a potato dish that were both fantastic.

              I did not get to eat any chaat...bummer. Also missed out on a NYC slice of pizza this trip...just not too much snacking, despite being pregnant. (Heat and humidity seem to deplete my hunger pangs.) Did have a good old street knish at one point which was most tasty. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!!

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                "I was a little annoyed that they seated us in the bar area, rather than the main dining area."

                In such situations in any restaurant, if I'm even slightly annoyed, I always ask the staff to move me to another table.

              2. LizR - any additional thoughts on Le Madeleine? I will be going there in August. Did you get to see the Garden Room? Wondering if I should request it. Thanks!

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                  In case you aren't aware, the Garden Room, though quite pleasant, is an enclosed space. I actually prefer to sit in the main dining room, which has traditional French bistro ambiance. As the saying goes, "Chacun a son gout." You can see photos on their website.


                2. I'll go with your recommendation. Thank you so much!

                  1. I liked Le Madeleine. The garden room looked nice--it is not a terrace, though, but rather is enclosed. (as already reported by RGR.) It was great easy walking to the theater, though!

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                      Glad you liked it. Did you sit in the dining room? Was it crowded? Any dish to recommend?