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Jun 27, 2006 07:32 PM

Restaurant suggestions

We're visiting NYC July 7 to 11. Need some restaurant recs. For this trip, there are 2 of us, and wine is not important. (Normally it is, but I'm pregnant). Looking for some "can't miss" suggestions--no sushi, and nothing super-fancy. (Not so much in the mood to really dress up.) Will need pre-theater dinner suggestion for Saturday night, plus any dim sum recs are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Pre Theatre- Le Madeline

    A must for NYC- LUPA

    Dim Sum- Pings in Chinatown

    I am sure other posters will come up with some other really great suggestions for you. I also like Becco in the theatre district, though lately its been getting some bad feedback, and it's Italian and I like Lupa MUCH better so I thought I'd give you french for pre theater.

    1. This is a little off, but I know that Cha an has done tasting dinners with tea pairings. Not sure if this is a regular thing but it might be a nice option.

      1. golden bridge on bowery and canal for dim sum.

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          1. Made pre-theater reservations for Le Madeleine. Sounds fun. I'll report back. Thanks for the suggestion.

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              I think you'll be happy with that choice Liz. It's a lovely restaurant, and the food is quite good. I had dinner there once, and brunch several times and always enjoyed myself.