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Jun 27, 2006 07:03 PM

Best BBQ Ribs in NYC

I'm in the mood for some really good ribs. Any suggestions?

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  1. IMHO, Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem has the best ribs around. I love their babyback ribs, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth tender, and slathered in killah sauce. You can add more at the table since they have bottles out of their regular sauce and the hotter stuff if that's the way you like it. Great atmosphere and the friendliest staff around. Little wonder it's always packed but you can get reservations online.

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    1. re: pkallan

      I'm going here this week and am trying to decide what I should order as my side dishes. Any recs?

      1. re: gloriousfood

        I like their mac & cheese and cole slaw. My wife likes the slaw and the salt potatoes. Make sure you start with an order of wings - they're terrific with the "wango tango" sauce. BTW, for mains, I suggest you get your sauce on the side.

        1. re: Striver

          Why on the side? Thanks for your suggestions on the sides, btw. The last time I was there I had their simmered greens, which was pretty good.

          1. re: gloriousfood

            I always ask for it on the side because they tend to slather it on if you don't, and the ribs as a rule are good enough that they don't need much - if any - sauce.

    2. I went to Daisy May's last night. I had the Memphis style ribs (pork) and they were very good. I was not blown away but they were good - probably the best I've tasted in NY. Let's face it - you really need to head south / southwest to get the great stuff.
      The sides at Daisy May's were KILLER! The red eye gravy, creamed spinach and the bourbon cooked peaches were amazing!

      I've tried Dinosaur. The food was good but it doesn't really stick out for me.

      1. I like Blue Smoke a lot, but it can be pricey for what you get. They do have this stuff called Fry Bread (which is basically deep fried bread) and it's delicious, served with a spicy mayo.

        Haven't been to RUB, which I've heard is good. Dinosaur sounds great...and as a fan of BBQ I'm going to have to check it out...

        1. I recommend Virgil's Real Barbecue in Times Square. It sort of strikes you as tourist (and is...) but the ribs and sauce are pretty great! Better than Dinosuar and RUB in my opinion.

          1. In order of my preference....

            Dinosaur BBQ is my favorite for food and value, I think quite a bit better than Virgil's. Plus Fairway's right there, do some shopping.

            Blue Smoke is also quite good, but pricy. Jazz club in the basement is high cover and short sets but good acts.

            Virgil's is very easy to get to, and reasonably good. Got a jones for swine and not a lot of time....

            Brother Jimmy's is OK if you like a drunken frat party environment.

            Spanky's BBQ is right near by Virgil's, but I thought it was terrible.

            Havent tried Daisy May's or RUB, but now I will!