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Jun 27, 2006 06:46 PM

Best Pizza within 50 miles of Albany.

My family will disown me the next time I suggest pizza on a lazy afternoon and drive to Manhattan or Brooklyn.
Now I understand I can't expect anything close to Di Fara or Pizzeria Bianco in the Capital District. But anything halfway decent is worth the drive for me.
Any suggestion's?

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  1. The most popular place when I was an RPI student was I Love NY on 4th St in Troy. This is not to say that it will be anything close to what you're looking for as most popular does not necessarily equal best...

    1. Best pizza within any number of miles of Albany is probably DeFazio's, in S. Troy. A contender is Milano's, in Latham, also cooked on wood. Farther afield is Village Pizzeria, E. Galway, gas oven, really good.

      1. My vote goes to the Purple Pub in Watervliet. Whenever me or my former RPI buds get back that way over the years, we stop by the Purple Pub for pizza, which is amazingly identical to what we ate 30 years ago....and not much more expensive. The sausage pizza is killer!