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Jun 27, 2006 06:46 PM

Blue Pig - Brooklyn Heights

just noticed a new ice cream take out shop on Henry Street near Cranberry St. named Blue Pig, but didn't have a chance to try any - couldn't wait for the line. Anyone try it yet?

Reminded me a bit of a Baskin Robbins - they had blue ice cream with m&m's that they described as vanilla ice cream with m&ms and blue food dye and a few chocolate flavors - some with m&ms - as well as the obligatory mint chocolate chip. The sign says homemade ice cream. I heard it may be related to the Blue Pig ice cream parlor in Westchester County.

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  1. I tried the pumpkin ice cream at the Blue Pig in Croton-on-Hudson last October (after the Van Cortlandt Manor Pumpkin Festival) and found it to be perfectly okay. Not great.

    1. Blue Pig makes amazing ice cream--givee it a try-worth the lines

      1. I tried the Rocky Road (not sure why - call it a sudden craving). No marshmallows and only three walnuts in the whole scoop! Also the chocolate ice cream base was chalky. And the food coloring creeped me out a bit. The mint chocolate chip was a scary color. I am sticking with the Ice Cream Factory. And Almondine or Ciao Bella (at Rice in DUMBO), all of which are better to my taste.

        1. Tried to try Blue Pig last night but they close at 10pm on weekdays and 10:30pm on weekends.

          I know it's not the heaviest of foot traffic over there, but isn't that a bit early for an ice cream place to close?

          At a minimum, they should stay open extra late on Thursday nights for the next 7 weeks as the crowds return from the outdoors movies in DUMBO.

          Peter in the Heights

          1. I stopped by last night, but was not particularly impressed. Maybe I'm too into the natural food kick, but I was put off by the bright, artificial colors; artificial flavors; and use of plastic cone holders. Plus, the ice cream I ate had a distinct "iciness" to it - it was more like ice milk (low milk fat content?) than ice cream.