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Jun 27, 2006 06:20 PM

Frozen Durian!

So I'm checking out all the weird and wonderful items at an Asian supermarket (mostly Japanese stuff), and what do I see in the frozen case (a few steps away from pureed squid) but frozen durian! So here's the question, is the frozen product anything remotely like the fresh? I'm guessing not, wondering if anyone has tried it?
BTW, I've never had durian, so I have no basis of comparison.

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  1. At least the frozen durian won't stink to high heaven (whilst frozen) as the fresh does

    1. Had you not mentioned that most of the products were Japanese, I would have assumed you were at 99 Ranch Market, where I also find frozen durian. I've eaten fresh durian in Malaysia, but this was eons ago (in my childhood). I've not had frozen ones, but like the above poster noted, I don't think the frozen durian is as overpowering in smell as the fresh ones.

      As with most frozen products, the taste is really not comparable to the fresh product.

      I know they also have canned durian somewhere, which they often use in shakes (durian shakes in restaurants).

      Why not give it a try and then report back to us?

      1. How to describe durian? Just to give you a little background, the fruit is indigenous to Southeast Asia and dubbed the King of Fruit. Description of taste vary from sweet and custardy to vomit, so take your pick! As Pamela said the frozen ones don't taste and smell as strong as fresh durian, but try leaving some on the kitchen counter for a while and I guarantee the smell will spread through the whole house!!! The ones you find here, whether in the whole spiky fruit or opened and neatly packed in plastic cases, are generally from Thailand, which produce the best variety called Monthong or 'golden pillows', describing its thick, yellow flesh and tiny seed. I'm a great fan of durian having grown up with it, but for a beginner frozen ones are best or go to your local Malaysian or Vietnamese restaurant for some durian shake!

        1. Honestly, I think Durian tastes like the smell of natural gas. I agree that if you want a taste, try it in a shake at a Vietnamese restaurant. I eat just about anything but Durian is about as appealing to me as is monkey meat.

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            my mother is very sensitive to the smell of gas. she can smell a gas leak before anyone else can. my dad was in the hospital and my mother complained she smelled gas. they evacuated his room and checked everything. no gas leak. turns out the smell was coming from next door. where they were eating durian.

            1. re: rolypoly

              Whoa! Somehow it is thrilling to me that I am not alone in my experience of Durian. I hope your dad'd health is improved.

            2. Frozen durian is packed when it is just barely ripe so you get the mildest durian flavor. It's perfect for those who don't want the full blown durian taste. I like to use it for the occasional durian shake / smoothie.