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UES or Lupa?

I'm coming to NYC for a week in July and one of the nights we want to eat Italian. So thanks to suggestions from this board, I made a reservation at Lupa for July 19. Now my guy tells me he would prefer to eat at an Italian restaurant on the UES since we're already going to spend a considerable amount of time in Greenwich Village. I want to remain firm in my choice of Lupa. It's really THAT good, right?? So I pose this question to all New Yorkers: What would you suggest?? I only get to NYC once every few years so I want this trip and my meals to be memorable.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Definitely keep your reservation at Lupa. The food is great, and there is a bustling scene that's very NY. I don't think there's anything comparable in the UES, but that's not my area.

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    1. I think I would rather gouge my eyes out than even *go* to the UES for almost any reason, but it certainly isn't known for Italian food, at any rate. And Lupa *is* that good.

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        Okay, I just have to ask (since I live on the East Side, in the 80s, what have we done to offend you?

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            Have you tried Sfoglia on 92nd and Lex yet?

        1. There is one other option I can think of - Lydia Bastianich's (Mario Batali's mentor) Felidia - 243 E. 58th St. It's not as good as Lupa, but it is quite good.

          1. Go to Lupa. You'll be mad if you don't.

            1. Go to Lupa! I was there last night, and it was DELICIOUS.

              1. Does your boyfriend want good food?

                1. Lupa Lupa Lupa! Obviously he doesn't much care about food if he's more concerned with location.

                  Lupa is spectacular - get a big plate of the house-cured meats to start and you'll think you're in heaven. You never knew head cheese could be such a delicacy.

                  1. Thanks to everyone I'm going to keep the reservation at Lupa. And to answer Chris Z's question, yes he wants good food. I'm assuming we can always eat lunch on the UES. Thanks again, you guys are great!

                    1. If he insists in staying in UES, you can have an excellent meal in a downtown-ey setting at Spigolo; not sure why others did not mention this place on Second Avenue in the low 80s.

                      1. Lupa is great. Don't miss it...