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Jun 27, 2006 06:06 PM

Best Ackee (near subway please)

Looking for some tasty and pretty cheap ackee (yellow veg that tastes like egg and avocado). Been to Negril in Manhattan which was something crazy like $18 for ackee and salted fish. Don't have a car, so we're looking for places near subway stops. Thanks!

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  1. Its a bit of a shlep, but try Country Style, 215-09 Jamaica Ave. F to 79th Street then Q36 bus to 215th Street. They have the gamut of Jamaican food at ethnic restaurant prices. They definitely have ackee & saltfish.

    1. If you are in Manhattan, Daphne's on E. 14th Street definitely has ackees and codfish, along with a range of other tasty stuff, jerk, rum cake, etc.. If you want to travel to the boroughs, Flatbush and E. Flatbush in Brooklyn are definitely your place - hopefully someone will have a recommendation for you

      1. close to number 1 train 's 125th street stop - Go East on 125th street,turn left on Amsterdam to a place (semi-fast food) with yellow signs (forgot the name).

        1. KAYLAH'S HUT

          right next to the 2,5 train prospect stop in the bronx. i eat there all they time, they got it all, mon.

          if you want it super convenient they serve it for breakfast at any GOLDEN KRUST (the world's best chain ever):

          1. i'm not sure if the islands on washington near the brooklyn museum (and thus very near to several subway lines) has ackee, but it would be worth checking into. their food is wonderful.