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Jun 27, 2006 06:06 PM

Portos Bakery

The potato balls, the potato balls, the potato balls!

They taste almost identical to Grandma Gold's meat knishes. Crispy fried outside, soft potato underneath, seasoned ground beef cener. I'm addicted.

Kidlet likes the creme caramel.

What else is good there?

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  1. I like the Midnight Sandwich...

    and the cakes are wonderful (my favorites are the triple mousse and the chocolate grand marnier.

    The cheese rolls are good as are the strawberry cheese danish....

    really good (and cheap) chocolate chip cookies too!

    1. I love their savories... the potato balls, meat pies and croquettes! :) Hmmm... :)


      1. The Mango Mousse cake is sooooo good

        1. I love the potato balls and the meat pies too =) Wish there was one closer to LA.

          1. The little tres leches cup with cake soaked in ... stuff... is delightful. A little meringue on top, too. Anything with meringue! The guava cheese strudel. I second the mango mousse. Wish I could third it myself because it's heavenly. The chocolate croissant can be good though it's not always perfectly tender. I am confused by the set up at the new Burbank Porto's, which may be closer to you than Glendale.

            Can't say I recommend the sandwiches but lots of people like them. I say too much bread and not enough contents. Kinda institutional.