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Jun 27, 2006 06:02 PM

babbo question, or how to get out of there for under $150 for 2

title says it all, i finally got a reservation for baboo for the day after i take the bar exam. we deserve it. what's the best way to eat there without breaking the bank? id ideally like to spend less than $150 for the two of us with drinks (no bottles of wine) and tip.


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  1. This is really a bit of math, then go check the menu at If you want to include tip and tax in the $150, then you are really looking to spend no more than $120 tops on food and drink. If you can get a couple of glasses of wine for twenty bucks, then that leaves you with the choice of appetizer and pasta each and dessert, or appetizer and entree - if you keep to the less expensive entrees you might still squeeze dessert in. And remember: in a restaurant, the check is always higher than you expect.

    1. If I had $150 to spend at Babbo, I'd get 2 apps, 2 pastas, 1 dessert and a couple glasses of wine.

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        I did this game plan sans dessert and we were very pleased. Sharing the dishes, we had enough variety and enough food.

      2. Stick with pastas for your mains, and think about sharing an app and dessert. The pastas are the best things on the menu, IMO, anyway.

        Good luck on the bar exam!

        1. Looking at the menu. I think that you can have a great meal and easily be out for around $150

          1. You could offer Mario to work pro bono on his Del Posto lawsuit...