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Jun 27, 2006 05:35 PM

White Gazpacho

I am addicted to a version of this stuff served at Michy here in Miami. Dying to make it at home, but none of the google finds have been quite right. Here's what I can tell you. The restaurant pours the smooth soup over halved green/red grapes, toasted almonds, and dill. The soup itself is heavenly creamy, but not too thick. There is something I cannot put my finger on. Can anyone help?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Thanks. I've made this one, but it's off for some reason I don't get. I was hoping someone might have a secret family recipe they could share.

      1. re: missem

        I made a Paula Wolfert version I liked a lot.

        Do you think the soup was thickened with almonds, breadcrumbs, both, or what?

        1. re: missem

          What do you mean by "off"? Simply that it didn't match the flavor of the soup at the Miami restaurant? Or do you mean it tasted bad in some way (and if so, how)?

          1. re: Darren72

            It was greasy and heavy and didn't have the light fresh taste that I like about the original one. The soup is thickened with bread and almonds and there is no dairy. There might be a vinegar or something like that. I cannot tell.

            1. re: missem

              The quality of the ingredients can make a huge difference in a recipe like that.

              Also, "8 slices country bread" and "1/2 cucumber" are quantites that could vary wildly.

              1. re: missem

                The version on
                uses more almonds, more garlic, and less oil.
                4c water, 1/2c almonds, 3 cloves, 5T oil, 3-4 vinegar, etc

                If the one you tried as greasy, it probably had more oil than what the bread could absorb. If heavy, there may not have been enough water. For a light, fresh taste it probably needed more vinegar and salt. Working it through a sieve and letting it sit are important to producing a creamy soup without dairy.


        2. I know the soup you're talking about and I've tried getting the recipe from Michy's but to no avail. Maybe it's the types of almonds you're using? They sell Marcona almonds from Spain at Whole Foods (expensive) and Costco (much cheaper). They're lighter tasting than "California" almonds. But I believe the recipe on epicurious is a least a good starting point (almonds, grapes and bread). Otherwise, try "The New Spanish Table" or "Tapas: a Taste of Spain".

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          1. re: lax2mia

            Hmm...Marcona almonds at Costco. Who knew? I thought about using them, but they cost so much at Epicure the soup would have cost hundreds...

            Thanks for the suggestion.

            1. re: missem

              They are under $10 for 16 ounces at Costco. And they aren't swimming in oil.

          2. There is a very good white gazpacho recipe in the
            Aug/Sept 2000 of Fine Cooking magazine. I tried it
            3 or 4 times...however...I can't find my magazine so
            I can't post it here. Does anyone have this recipe ??

            1. If you are still interested, I have the recipe.

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              1. The recipe in my favourite Spanish cookbook (Moro) has way less olive oil than the Epicurious one. I haven't tried it, but have cooked a lot of very good recipes from this book. Here's an online version: